A man walks by with a baguette on his shoulder

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The suffering of people, how hard it is to watch. A report of the starving children in Jemen, just a few days before Thanksgiving rattled me, a few days later our table was overflowing with food. Continue reading


Hit by an Angel


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My husband, the wonderful man by my side, who is no longer allowed to buy pictures or art without my supervision, outdid himself. Somehow he sneaked out and bought another picture. Where does he find them you ask? In an art Galerie? In a store? No, my husband finds his art bargains in a resale shop or at estate sales -bless his little heart.  Continue reading

Hidden Leftovers

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Years ago I decided that our refrigerator was just too cluttered, and I asked Santa if he could bring my husband a man-cave fridge. A small icebox, just for beer and water – a dream come true during football season. It was a present for both of us, I got more room in the fridge, and he got his long talked about beer-fridge.  Continue reading

A Timely Speech

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Margaret Atwood awarded the 2017 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

The Canadian author, essayist and poet Margaret Atwood was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade today at a ceremony attended by roughly 1,000 invited guests in the Church of St. Paul in Frankfurt. The speech honoring this year’s recipient was given by Austrian writer Eva Menasse. Margaret Atwood gave the speech in German.  Continue reading



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“My mind is like a little house,
My peers break into.
They rearrange my furniture,
And the cabinets rifle through.
They throw things out;
They put things in,
And erase the writing on the wall,
And by the time that they walk out,
It’s not my mind at all.”
― Margo T. Rose, The Words

Continue reading

A Voice of Reason

I have written a post after every mass shooting, but now I am at the point that I don’t know what to say anymore.  The hope I had, has been buried under a pile of dead bodies. While many of us wish for stricter gun laws, Congress will soon vote on a bill to ease the sale of silencers. I am lost for words and simply don’t understand it anymore.  Continue reading