Share your World – 2016 Week #31


What is your favorite part of the town/city you live in?  And what Country do you live?

We live in Columbus, Ohio, and I still try to make peace with the city. I don’t like Ohio, and I am not objective when it comes to judging the state, the city or people who are from here. I treat the city like a one-night stand. Somehow it happened, but I prefer not to talk about it.  Continue reading

Sink Deep and Think!


Greek philosophers


I learned about great philosophers in school, and lots of what they had said didn’t make any sense to me back then. I felt intimidated by their wisdom and their profound way of thinking. What did they have what I didn’t? Was it their age, or were they just born with a deeper understanding of everything around them? Continue reading

Let’s bake a Salad!


Salad cake 5

The 4th of July is just around the corner; there will be get-togethers, picknicks and BBQ’s. What do we provide to eat? What do we bring? I always try to offer a side salad, but somehow it never turns out right. How do you serve a salad for lots of people and make it look good for hours? I made a mixed salad and served it in a big bowl. It looked nice for a while until people started to dig in; tossing and turning, trying to get what they liked -leaving behind a mess that nobody wanted anymore. Continue reading