Tomorrow is the big day – smoke free for 3 months! It has been a journey – still is!


Unbelievable…………………I am an ex-smoker! It’s going to be 3 months tomorrow. I didn’t plan it  and I wasn’t prepared at all… just happened; out of the blue I decided to quit smoking -after 35 years and I had no idea what I got myself into! I am 50 years young and I am a non-smoker for the first time in my adult life! So, tomorrow I will celebrate a little bit, maybe with a cake or a glass of wine, maybe I buy myself some flowers. Lately, I have heard the question, “Is it easy or is it hard,” so often, that I thought I might share my journey with whoever might be interested. I quit “cold turkey” no patch, no gum, no e-cigarettes or pills, I just put one out and walked away! I am no an expert and everything in my blog is “my point of view” and my experience. It’s my journey…not a guide or a recommendation. It just never made sense to me to quit smoking with the help of a  lesser amount of Nicotine. It’s like you would tell an alcoholic, “Only drink a  little bit.” There are different forms of addiction and we all are different. This is a complex subject and there is no One-fit’s-all solution”! However, the goal is the same, if you quit you don’t want to smoke anymore.

Do what works for you! Maybe I can pay it forward and my silly little notes will inspire one smoker to quit as well. Giving up smoking didn’t kill me! I wasn’t sure about it at first, but  I survived and so did everybody near me 🙂 I don’t know why, but I started writing a journal right from the start….like my own therapy session at home in front of the computer. I didn’t even know  I liked writing….so I guess I better learn how to blog now. I have never been an adult without a cigarette, they were either in my hand or close by! I started smoking when I was 15 years old………way back in the 70’s. Smoking was “in” then, everybody did it and you could smoke everywhere, even in some movie theaters. I remember those times like it all happened yesterday. There was this special little movie theater and we went there and watched “Grease” for the x time…and like our hero’s on screen, we smoked as well! It worked like a magic wand, the cigarette in our hands transformed us. All of a sudden we were grown up’s -or so we thought-, we felt sophisticated and chic….we were cool! Fast forward 35 years…..I decided to quit and that’s how I felt after a few days….


    to be continued…..


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