3 months smoke free today….lets take a look back!



90 Days smoke free…wow! I have saved $399,38 and left 1,788 cigarettes untouched. It sounds good doesn’t it! I feel proud and bought me something special, like a celebration gift! So much has changed in the last 3 months…….let’s go back and see how it started!

We don’t smoke in the house, the outside is our smoking room. Sunshine or rain, summer or winter we either smoked in the garage or we sat outside. Last winter has been one for the records, it was long and cold  -22 F was the coldest I have seen in a long time. We had so much snow it was almost comical. You could hear our excitement around Christmas time “Honey, it’s snowing” and two months later it sounded like “darnit…..it’s snowing again”! Let’s be honest, you  have to be totally crazy if you go outside when it’s cold like that. So, it’s official…we are crazy! We bundled up with vests and jackets, hats, gloves and scarfs,  just so we could smoke. No surprise at all….I got sick. I woke up and felt miserable. One of those flues when you can tell how many bones you have in your body,  just because each and everyone hurts…..and they all hurt differently. I was running a fever and had a sore throat. I just wanted to crawl back in my bed…..and that’s what I did. I decided not to smoke for a day, since my throat was hurting anyway. That was a first, I have always smoked….even with a fever and cough I stood outside and smoked a cigarette. I could hardly swallow and talk…but I smoked when I was sick, please don’t ask me why!

I stayed in bed all day long. I thought about smoking, but knew it would make things worse, although I really didn’t feel like going outside. I could’t warm up inside, I was freezing even under my comforter and blankets….no way I would go outside! I got up when my husband came  home and we ate Dinner, I still didn’t want to smoke and he went outside alone. I started thinking about it “wow I haven’t smoked all day and it didn’t kill me, how interesting”. I was surprised and stunned. I started to think about it “how about I just quit”. I finished the thought and nothing bad happened, I was fine with it. I already made it through a day, lets do this! (Fever comes in handy sometimes). So I sat in the living room and made the big announcement “I stopped  smoking”.  My husbands face was priceless and then he had the “yeah right look” on his face.

I really don’t recall what I was thinking, but it wasn’t bad. Now looking back I realize that my wording was interesting and it set the way. I didn’t say “I am going to try to give up smoking”. Nope, I said “I gave up smoking”. I used past tense already. I remember it well, because it surprised me!





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