The first 3 days without cigarettes!



I have this kitchen decoration on top of our fridge, it’s an Italian chef holding a small chalkboard. It’s too small and I can’t really use it for anything. I wrote a big 3 on it! I haven’t smoked in 3 days…and I can honestly say I felt confused! What was happening?

I smoked every day for the last 35 years and I just quit! Why am I not screaming and yelling? Where are my emotions and what’s wrong with me? I am going through withdrawal and I feel fine, nothing dramatic about it. I watched a few movies about drug addiction. One I remember particularly, it’s an old black and white movie with Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak called “The man with the golden arm“. Very powerful performance by Frank Sinatra. Novak keeps him locked in a room when he gave up drugs and you can see him sweating, crying and begging. Isn’t that what I need to feel? Maybe not that intense, but should’t I feel like going crazy without a cigarette? Nothing added up in my mind. Of course there were moments when I wanted a cigarette, but they never lasted long. I just didn’t smoke and  it was OK.

I searched the internet ‘the withdrawal is over after 3 days’, that’s what a lot of people say. So, does that mean I am an ex-smoker now? Does that mean that’s all what I had to do? Just don’t smoke for 3 days and Voilà I gave up smoking for good? If it’s that easy, why do so many people fail when they try? I have watched friends of mine; they either chewed nicotine gum or used the patch…they all were fine for a few days, but they all still smoke today. Some still do both, they chew the gum and smoke on top of it and they don’t even  question it. Maybe we all react differently, maybe the withdrawal will hit me later and the first 3 days were just odd days for me?

I will find out……..bring it on!



4 thoughts on “The first 3 days without cigarettes!

  1. Congratulations on quitting a really difficult habit to kick. When it comes to blogging or worries if no one finds it interesting but you, don’t worry about it. This is your journey and your story. I think you will be surprised how many people will be able to relate to you and your journey. Good luck! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Just go to my page at It is the Because I can blog.


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