People are so annoying all of a sudden!


“Every day might not be good – but there is something good in every day” that’s pretty much how I look at life in general, but not lately!

All of a sudden it changed, my good mood is being challenged by…….well by everybody so it seems! It is hard to be nice lately, everybody…I mean everybody is just dancing on my nerves, people are  so annoying!

What happened to my husband? He changed overnight right in front of my eyes and when did he develop all these silly habits and more importantly….. why is he asking me all these questions? What’s wrong with him….he is really on my nerves…..very annoying indeed!

Same goes for my friends, stop calling me and ask me how I feel. I stopped smoking, but I am very happy and feel fine, what’s the big deal?  I don’t like stupid questions, I find them really annoying.

I always said “I have the best customers”! Boy was I wrong, they changed as well. Do they really think they can ask me all kind of questions? Do they think I am walking dictionary and have all the answers…”I don’t care”…just go away! Very annoying!

Our neighbors, they just don’t leave me alone! I am just trying to bring the trash outside “for Heaven’s sake just wave at me and stop talking”. What you mean you are proud of me? They sound like I would be a dog and somebody just taught me a new trick. I stopped smoking so leave me alone, don’t tell me you are proud of me! I wish they would move…annoying people!

Even our dogs, I mean seriously who do they think they are? They want their food at the same time, they bark when they want to play! Very annoying, I don’t feel like playing right now! They get so excited when they see us, “Hello” we live here and you just saw me 1 hr. ago. …”go away, lay down” stop being so annoying!

I am so glad I am the only balanced person around here, all those people need a good role-model!

Alright then, it’s me isn’t it? I am short tempered…I have never been short tempered, I have never been moody. I feel so happy all the time. Gosh, I am even happy when I don’t have reason to be happy! But right now I can turn around and bite your head off without any warning. I consider myself to be a balanced person, but now everything feels different and a little bit off, like I would be off center.

I need to talk to other people like me….time to sign up on the support board! I need some answers!

I need a hug!





One thought on “People are so annoying all of a sudden!

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