Quit smoking online support….don’t do it alone!


I would like to give future ex-smokers an advice! When you quit smoking……..don‘t do it alone! Make sure people support you in your home and at work. Tell your friends about it; don’t just assume everybody will know how you feel. The internet is a blessing, read and research as much as you can. We are all different! What works for me might not work for somebody else and vice versa. Fighting an addiction like smoking is different for everybody!

www.whyquit.com  has been very important to me; it’s a free webpage with lots of information and motivation. There I found a lot of answers to my questions, that’s where I went when I had weak moments.

If you are like me, then you want to talk to real people, who either already quit or are in the process of quitting. There are a lot of online support forums for ex smokers and I guess it all depends on personal preferences. 

Some forums offer a SOS section, so members can post a SOS if they feel like they might be close to a relapse. It’s really more a “cry for help” when you get hit by a big overwhelming craving. It’s like saying “please distract me right now, so I won’t give in”.  I have never tried it, but I saw it working for other ex-smokers. The most people who relapse won’t even use it, because smoking or not smoking is a choice, nobody can talk you out of it when your mind is made up.

I joined a forum and it  offered a “daily pledge”. What a great tool! Every morning I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to my computer and I pledged not to smoke just for one day! One day at a time! The whole principal of a good support board is to help new members “Member’s helping members” and it’s so smart; you are so busy helping you won’t think about your own cravings too much…you are busy helping!

I learned a lot about my addiction and the danger of a relapse and seeing so many people just disappear or relapse over and over was hard. If I ever would sign up on an online support board again, then I would make sure they would not be too easy on relapses. A relapse is not just an “ooops”, it’s more than that. One cigarette, even just one drag can jeopardize everything. Smoking is a serious addiction and quitting is very hard on some people! Doing it over and over is torture; for the ones watching as much as for the ones actually doing it.

It was so interesting to meet other ex-smokers; I wasn’t the only one with a puzzled look on my face and I wasn’t the only one with lots of questions on my mind. It was good to know that I was normal and I wasn’t going to lose all my marbles (at least not yet); I wasn’t the only one with Millions of questions and a deer-in-the-headlight-look.

Ask yourself what you are looking for and give it a try, it’s easier if you can share your experience with other people in the same situation. I would really recommend it!  You can although email me and I will try to help you as well, but please keep in mind that I am not an expert. Everything I write is just my point of view. 

There are a lot of support forums out there…there is something for everybody! They can be helpful, but they can’t make you stop smoking -this is something we have to do on our own. I was online every day for hours and one day I realized that I spent too much time online -like I traded one addiction with the next! I needed to spread my wings and I decided to go my own way. That’s one of the reasons that I started blogging, I will pay it forward for 1 year. Who knows, I might help a smoker to become an ex-smoker! 



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