My quitting ABC (with a D)


I like to be prepared and even though I feel a little bit like the guy in the picture, it didn’t discourage me very much. It started to sink in a little bit, I didn’t just give up smoking…I try to overcome an addiction.  A friend sent this to me in my early stage of my quit and it became my daily guide!


My quitting A-B-C’s and D’s

A friend sent this to me in the early stage of my quit and it became my guide! I don’t know who wrote it and I don’t know if it has been posted here before…..I apologize if it is a double post…but it helped me a lot and I thought I share!


The A’s:

  • Avoid situations you know you cannot handle
  • Alter your response – change the flavor of your coffee, sit in a different room, meet your friends in a neutral (nonsmoking environment)
  • Accept that some days will be tougher, and that by sticking it out you will get stronger.

The B’s:

  • Believe in yourself….you can do this.
  • Behave! You don’t have to be a total brat….it’s not going to kill you.
  • Breath! An easy way to relax, deep breathing. You might have done this 200-300 times a day when inhaling smoke.

The C’s:

  • Cope with it and write down how you feel.
  • Calm down. There is no reason to panic you don’t need cigarettes.

The D’s:

  • Delay your next craving for as long as possible by:
  • Distracting yourself – keeping busy is extremely important. Go for a walk, or pull out your guitar, listen to music, sing or dance!

Emergency Coping Plan:
AVOID the situation.
Identify the situations when you normally smoke or chew, or feel cravings. For most, high-risk situations include work breaks, finishing meals, having coffee or being in a bar. Plan how you will avoid these situations for a few weeks. Plan for alternate activities.

LEAVE the situation.
If you find yourself in one of these high risk situations, leave if you can. And, leave before you get a craving.

DISTRACT yourself from the craving.
If you find yourself in a situation you can’t leave and you get a craving, distract yourself from the craving by: Thinking about something else, like your Benefits of Quitting (or how much money you’re saving every week, how your body is healing itself). Doing something else to distract yourself like drinking water or deep breathing exercises. Thinking about an upcoming event in your life, such as a vacation.

DELAY acting on the craving
If you can’t keep your mind off it, then make a deal with yourself that you will wait 5 minutes before you give into the craving. The craving will usually pass in a couple of minutes anyway. If you delay, the craving will go away.

A craving may be accompanied by negative thoughts about your ability to resist it. Use positive self talk statements to combat your negative thoughts. Talk loud if you have to


It helped me so much!



2 thoughts on “My quitting ABC (with a D)

  1. I’m currently trying to get my mom to quit smoking (well, I’ve actually been trying for about 20 years but now a little more seriously). She’s been smoking since she was 18 and she is now 49 – going through menopause. I’m going to show her your blog and hope it helps her. If you have any tips on how I can be more supportive and encouraging please let me know! She’s never actually wanted to quit before (she still doesn’t) but I think she’s closer to realizing that she needs to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I smoked for 35 years and my husband for 46 years. Honestly, there is nothing you can do. She has to want it, you can’t quit for someone.
      Just tell her you don’t want to lose her to lung cancer. Tell her you care about her.
      In the end it’s her decision, only then will she be successful.


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