The Staircase to the top …



We visited the Vatican when I was a child and the thing that impressed me most was the staircase to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica. I was little, my legs were short and those steps were high. I remember it so well, even after so many years, the building was cold and the stairs seemed endless…until we hit the top; the view was breath-taking, even for me as a child. 

Being able to talk with other people is such a relief. I am not alone, there are others like me, lots of members here and we all have the same goal, we never want to smoke again. We want to win this fight; we want to be able to control our addiction. It’s a very interesting concept how this all works. A large group of people with the same goal; we all are marching toward a life without cigarettes. Some quit years ago, some just quit smoking yesterday. At first we try to survive the first 3 days without a cigarette, the first 72 hours are so important, then the Nicotine is out of our system. The first 3 days are a bitch, that’s when the most people relapse!


I thought about our online group and the staircase to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica came to my mind. This is how I picture our quit smoking journey now. The Building is high and there is no elevator, we all have to take the staircase.


The building is old and the steps are uneven. The first steps seem to be higher and they are slippery too. These first 3 steps are the hardest to climb, some of us slide off and we have to start climbing those first steps over and over again. We are out of shape and the first steps feel weird; they are just so hard to climb. It seems impossible at first -maybe it’s not worth the effort?


But, then we manage and we take a few more steps and we dare to look up. This looks like a never-ending staircase and it’s full with people. So many people are trying to get to the top. They say the view from the top will be worth it, that’s why we all are here…and I wonder if it’s true.


We are breathing hard and sometimes we have to rest and we celebrate a little bit…yeah we made 30 steps….let’s go on! We need those celebrations…so we can catch our breath!


This staircase is crowded and we help each other. We push people in front of us and the people in front reach out and give us a helping hand, when we seem to struggle.


We all don’t want to slip and fall down all the way, the higher we are, the more it would hurt…and if you fall down all the way, you can’t just sit there. Even if you are bruised, you have to start climbing those stairs right away , or you will give up and will just leave the building.


There are handrails on the side, they are helpful, we can pull ourselves up…we can hold on to it, when we need a short break. 


I don’t like the handrails…I hang on to the person in front of me and they give me a helping hand. Numerous times I felt like losing my balance and they just pulled me up.


The person in front of me gets slower sometimes, like they would rethink their journey….that’s when I push them! It seems to help and they continue climbing these stairs!


We all are climbing higher and higher….and we will make it to the top. We all have different ways of climbing…we all have our own pace, we climb those stairs the way it feels right to us.


One step at a time…we all are going to enjoy the view from the top! It has been worth it, we are looking at a beautiful life as a non-smoker!

I would like to thank all my online friends for your support, your guidance and your patience! It was easier with your help!





2 thoughts on “The Staircase to the top …

  1. This is a wonderful post. The Basilica is somewhere I would like to visit someday. This is how I often feel about my weight loss and exercise journey. Such an uplifting post.


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