Let’s find the perfect time!



All you have to do is decide whether you’re ready or not. If the seed is planted in our minds, if the vision is there, then I believe we are… it’s just finding the strength to go for it! 

I know, it’s so difficult to find the right time. You can not just quit something like smoking without careful planning.

For all the Smoker’s out there, let’s see if we can find the perfect time to quit! Let’s see, does this sound familiar?


How about this month?   Nope, finally the weather is nice, there is so much to do outside, it’s just not a good time to quit smoking. I need my smoke breaks when I work outside. Although, there is Memorial Day weekend and friends will come over. No way will I quit smoking in May!


Alright then, how about you quit smoking in June?    The days are getting warmer and we start to invite friends over for BBQ’s. Some of our friends smoke and it’s always fun to grill and eat together…there is smoking involved….June is not a good month!


July then…how about July?    Hello!…that won’t work either, there is the 4th of July….picnics, BBQ’s, Friends and Family coming over. No way, I need to smoke then!


How about we schedule quitting in August?    It’s in the middle of summer….kids are still out of school, we enjoy Family time and summer is just not a good time to quit …..at all! I need to relax and I need to smoke or I can’t relax.  August was not a good idea!


September is a good months to quit, there are no Holidays right?    Well…OK there are no Holidays but it’s Aunt Betty’s Birthday and we celebrate it every year. The Family gets together and smoking will be involved!


October…there you go..perfect month to quit smoking, don’t you think?    Hello! There is Halloween and we always have a big Halloween Party. I can’t stop smoking when there is a big party like that, there is alcohol involved and I always smoke when I have a drink!


Well..how about November?    Would that work? Are you kidding me? November…Thanksgiving…Football and good food…no way I stop smoking in November. I love Thanksgiving and we all get together..smoking will be involved!


How about December? Not happening, there is Christmas and Christmas parties….seriously who in the right state of mind would stop smoking in December?


Well..how about January then?    Superbowl….are you kidding me? What is wrong with you? I have to smoke, especially if my team will make it all the way… No way!


Alright how about February?    You can quit smoking in February right? No I can’t. Have you seen this winter? It’s snowing all the time and I am stuck in the house. There is nothing to do, besides shoveling snow……I am tired of winter and I am not in a good mood. I can’t quit in February!


We have only two months left, how about March?    Hello? Does St. Patrick’s Day ring a bell? Are you not Irish?  I can’t quit in March either!


Well my Dear, April it is! That’s the last month left, so you quit smoking in  April. Would that work for you?    There is Easter and good food …and lets face it.. I have to have a cigarette after a good meal.


How about next year then?



Well, there is just no good timing is there? Let’s face it…you might as well quit smoking right now!



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