the 3 trick questions

the 3 trick questions

1. Are you religious?

2. Are you interested in politics?

3. How is your sex life?

those are the three questions that I hope she wouldn’t ask. Well, she can ask, but I would give a “wishy washy” answer. I am glad I don’t have to explain why I don’t like to answer these questions 🙂

18 thoughts on “the 3 trick questions

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  3. I’ve never been able to understand, no matter how hard I try, why people are so hypersensitive about religion & politics anyway. They should be treated exacty as any other subject matter


    • I don’t think those subjects are hypersensitive at all, I love to discuss both, but quiet frankly not with everybody. As I said before, both are interesting subjects and best to be discussed with good friends on a long winter night with a bottle of wine and some unhealthy snacks. Some people don’t want to discuss their personal believes and I respect that. As for me it’s more that I won’t shut up 🙂


  4. Why ? – would it make you grumpy to be asked if you’re religious ? – or embarrassed ?
    As for politics, would it make you yawn and start to slip out of your chair ?
    Sex life ? – what’s that ?


    • Would it make me grumpy, no not at all. I love to discuss politics and religion, both are interesting subjects. Best to be discussed with good friends on a long winter night with a bottle of wine and some unhealthy snacks. As for my sex life (yes, it still exists) I just believe that’s private, like my shoe size lol


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