I am who I wanted to be

I am who I wanted to be

What was my dream when I was child, what did I want to be? Oh, how easy would it be to answer, but it means I have to open up and give total strangers a glimpse of my childhood and let people all over the world look into my heart? That’s tough, but I am hiding behind a screen so maybe I could? My blog is new and I don’t have many readers…so what the HECK…cards on the table!

Way back then when I was a little Ladybug, I didn’t care what I would do for a living later on in life. I didn’t want to be the first female president or a celebrity. The goal for my future was very simple, I had a crystal clear vision in my mind what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a better adult than my parents were.I wanted to be gentle and kind, I wanted to give love and laughter. I wanted to have a family and friends! I wanted to grow up as quickly as possible so that I could leave and find a place that felt like home.

Mission accomplished! I am who I wanted to be and I am happy!

10 thoughts on “I am who I wanted to be

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    • I am glad we met 🙂 I am looking forward to get to know you better as well. I love reading a good blog with a good cup of coffee. Blog-reading with coffee seems to be my new guilty pleasure 🙂


      • There is no criticism of coffee-drinking that I will entertain – none, do you hear ?! [grin] I have a Gaggia Classic that’s second only in my affections (the major one being my moggie, Lui Stringer); and I refer to it several times a day. YAAAAAAARM !


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