So what?

So what?

More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?

I read the question and shook my head (I like shaking my head, it beats talking to myself). I go to bed too late…………so what? Why would I feel guilty about it, it’s my life and I am loving it. There are a few rules I have to follow, like earn money and pay bills and most importantly don’t hit people around you and don’t roll your eyes too often. The rest….well, the rest is called living.

If I would give up the so called “sleep procrastination” (who came up with that anyway)  wouldn’t I automatically procrastinate other things instead. Like reading the book I wanted to read before I go to bed. Like writing the email to a friend or watching the movie, just because it interests me right now? Isn’t it fun to stay up late, just because you are in the mood for another glass of wine and you just love sitting outside in the middle of the night because the stars are pretty awesome right now?

Live every day like it’s the last one…well at least give it your best try 🙂



6 thoughts on “So what?

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  2. I’m horrendous for late nights and working shifts it can be a killer. But like you say life is for living at the end of the day.


  3. Absolutely, life is for living

    your body tells you when it needs more and so you will be ready for an early night but for the rest try and cram all sorts of goodies in there


  4. I’m with ya, I’m a late nighter too. It catches up with me though, at times. I enjoy a nice glass of wine, a quiet house and a good flick. It’s also wonderful to sit in the silence of the outdoors, with the stars as your only light👍👍🙋


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