The new me…

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I remember the time before my 40’s birthday…the big “4” had me thinking for a while. I didn’t really care for the “over-the-hill” felling at all. How could I be already 40 if I still feel like 20? Well, turning 40 is a milestone, but although gives you a taste of how you will feel when you turn 50.

All my life I had long hair and loved it, so did my husband and everybody else. I thought maybe it was time for a drastic change; after all I will be officially “old” soon and I had the same look for almost 40 years. I decided to cut it short…really short, I mean really short! I wanted one of these crazy modern haircuts …and I wanted to pep the color up as well. How about a really light blonde instead of medium brown? I am married to the best man on this planet (for me) and he just said “go for it” when I told him and so I did.

I went to a very modern hair salon and left 2 hours later like a totally new person. Boy, oh boy I loved the feeling and the look…but it felt so weird! It just wasn’t me; it just didn’t match with the picture in my head. It felt surreal and it didn’t feel normal. Everybody talked about my new look and everybody had to comment on it. Every morning I looked in the mirror and every morning I felt the same surprise when I looked at myself, thinking “who are you”?  It took a couple of months and slowly everybody was used to it, including myself! The new look was the new me and the new look was “normal”. I still have my hair this way and can’t even imagine to have it long again…even though I liked it for a very long time…now I love it short and modern.

This is exactly how I felt about becoming an ex-smoker.

First it was just weird, it felt odd and I felt a little bit lost. I counted hours, days, weeks and months and then…then it became more and more normal every day!  I look in the mirror and see a non-smoker and love the “look”, I love the new me!

It feel like it happened so long ago, but it has only has been 5 months. Today is my 150 day anniversary as a non-smoker.

Smoking has become a “thing” of the past. Was it really me that smoked for so long? Did I really run around with a cigarette in my hand for 35 years and now I can hardly remember?

So, to all of you doubting yourself if you can do it…yes, you can stop smoking as well. Regardless of how long you smoked, it becomes a thing of the past and cigarettes won’t control you anymore. I would have forgotten my 5 months celebration, but my husband -the smoker- didn’t, he reminded me 🙂



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