The young couple had just gotten married. One day the young woman wanted to cook a special dish and decided to roast a leg of lamb.

She took a knife and cut the bottom piece off the leg and arranged the two pieces side by side in the big casserole dish and put it in the oven.

Her husband looked over her shoulder and asked her: “Why do you cut the bottom piece off?”

“I do not know, but my mother always made ​​it the same way” was her reply.

Then the man asked his Mother-in-law why she cut the bottom piece off.

“I do not know but, my mother always made ​​the same way” was her answer.

The young man was curious and went to the Grandmother house and also asked her why she cut off the lower part before roasting.

And the grandmother replies, “Oh, it has a very simple reason: “I only had one casserole dish and it was so small that the entire roast simply did not fit, I had to cut it in two pieces”.

Family traditions are wonderful, but questioning about “why” we do something can be helpful at times.

I came across a lot of articles and studies when I started to research smoking and addictions.  A lot of us do what we learned from our surroundings when we were children, what we saw then…was normal. Unfortunately a lot of us smoke, because we grew up with it. A lot of us drink, because our parents did it too and same goes for drugs. The “inherited addiction” the family pattern!

I am not a big fan of statistics, but I have to admit…almost everybody in my family smoked. I started smoking when I was 15 and none of the adults had objections when they saw me smoking. How could they tell me not to do it?




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