How about it Santa?

Tobacco companies call them “replacement smokers” parents call them their children.

Laws limited the advertising of tobacco products in mass media, so Fred and Barney couldn’t sell cigarettes to kids anymore…right?


With smoking among adults declining, tobacco makers need to replace long-term users who have quit . . . or died. The tobacco industry recruits replacement smokers from youth and young adults, they are a prime target for tobacco advertising and marketing. And messages aimed at this age group also attract the attention of younger consumers—a plus for the tobacco industry.

Nicotine is just as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Because they are sensitive to nicotine, teens can feel dependent sooner than adults. If young people don’t start using tobacco and nicotine by age 26, they almost certainly will never start.

There are many reasons why young people begin using tobacco. I remember why I started smoking, I was the youngest in my class, older kids smoked and I wanted to be “cool” as well, I wanted to be like them. Kids often copy the behavior of older children and adults they admire, of adults they hope to be like some day.

It’s disgraceful. We’ve been able to limit tobacco advertising in mass media, but they’ve adapted and are taking full advantage of one of their final venues to lure kids into smoking by plastering stores with highly lit displays and bright ads placed at kid level, they continue to focus on our kids as their next generation of customers.”

Retail stores are one of the last places where tobacco companies can expose kids to their advertising. Consequently, tobacco companies spend billions of dollars each year marketing their deadly products.


This is done by controlling dominant display space in retail stores and through in-store advertising, she said. Both are typically found around the cash register, sometimes referred to within the industry as the “goal post” because it is the one place in the store where everyone must go. Tobacco companies invest a lot at these locations in creating so-called “power walls,” large, visually appealing displays of products.

They were smart, they invested in e-cigarettes right from the start and the internet is full with advertisement for the “harmless” modern alternative for cigarettes; the e-cigarette in many fruity flavors like “cherry crush”, “bubblegum” and “pina colada”.

It’s all about Nicotine dependency. Electronic cigarettes heat a liquid nicotine solution, creating vapor that users inhale. E-cigarette users say the devices address both the addictive and behavioral aspects of smoking without the thousands of chemicals found in regular paper-and-tobacco cigarettes, but critics wonder whether e-cigs keep smokers addicted or hook new users and encourage them to move on to tobacco. Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors, and recent survey data shows they are often located next to the candy at store checkout counters.

Electronic cigarettes are the new modern cigarettes. If you just can’t stop smoking and you want to use them as an alternative for regular cigarettes…go for it! If you use them, because you tried to give up smoking before and you failed over and over…go for it! But DON’T buy them just for fun, or because they are in, you will get addicted to Nicotine…that’s the goal after all!

Quitting is not as hard as the tobacco industry makes us believe it is, they are the ones telling us we can’t do it without help. If you want to stop smoking why torture yourself with so called “alternatives” like patches, gum or e-cigarettes. Quitting with a lesser amount of the addictive substance just doesn’t make any sense to me, it sounds like prolonging the withdrawal, it sounds like torturing yourself. Why make it harder than it actually is.

Well, there you have it…my 2 cents worth on e-cigarettes 🙂



7 thoughts on “How about it Santa?

  1. The Flintstones. Heroes of my childhood. So disappointed now about them.
    But on the other hand I’m glad that we don’t have advertisements like the one with the Santa Clause in Europe. In fact, Cigarettes Advertisements are only allowed in the cinemas now.


    • Yes, I really hate it that they are targeting kids. I agree with you, I was upset about the Flintstones as well.

      Vielen Dank dass Du Dich in meinem blog umgesehen hast. Es ist mir eine Ehre 🙂


  2. Good for you ! They’re getting a lot of coverage Downunder, which is the place where plain packaging first caused RAGE in the bosom of Big Tobacco … Smoking is becoming by and large a societal no-no; so I imagine BT is either spending squillions in Oz or spending nothing. Hope it’s the latter, but doubt it …


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