‘The Best Worst President Ever’

I always said I don’t talk/write about politics (meaning I don’t talk with just anybody) but lately it changed, I can hardly hold it in anymore. I am not afraid I might open my mouth and talk, I am more afraid I might actually scream.

I look at the horizon and hope to see a competent African-American gay democratic female running for President and winning, that would not just make my day…it would make me chuckle for years. I agree, make sure you read the entire article http://blog.sfgate.com/morford/2014/07/08/the-best-worst-president-ever/ !

The End

From the brilliant Mark Morford at the SF Chronicle / SFGate.com:

Much to the GOP’s bitter revulsion, it turns out a calm, intellectual black man really can run an entire country – certainly far better than an inarticulate Texas bumbler, and even in the face of what is easily the most obstructionist, hateful, acidic and often downright racist Congress in modern memory. Quite an achievement, really.

Be sure to read the entire piece The Best Worst President Ever

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5 thoughts on “‘The Best Worst President Ever’

  1. I agree that most of those in Congress AND the Senate seem so out of touch with America it is ridiculous. You have to wonder who really elected them. The problem I have with Obama is neither his race or the fact he had a huge mess to clean up. For crying out loud, what President coming into office doesn’t have a mess to clean up, or so it seems. I have a problem with his immigration policies and with the trade he made for Bowden. That, as a previous military person irked me to no end. As far as Obama care..it has done nothing for me or my family and it will do nothing for me and my family. As a retired Navy person I have Tricare and if I was to take the Obama care policy I would have premiums I can’t afford. My daughter makes too little to qualify and she can’t get Medicaid because she isn’t sick enough. She lives in pain from a gall bladder that needs to come out and no one will touch her because it isn’t life threatening at this time and she can’t afford the insurance to get it taken out. So, as far as I am concerned Obama care and his promises suck. Medical care and Insurance is still broken in this country.


    • You are so right! I didn’t understand it 30 years ago and I don’t understand it now. How can we not ALL have affordable and good Health Insurance like in Europe? Why do we have “deductibles” if we shouldn’t have. The Healthcare in this country won’t be fixed in my lifetime. They make rules and laws based on future votes, it’s a shame!


  2. What amazes and horrifies me is the blatant discrimination and hatred displayed by members of Congress, supposedly representing the people ‘s choices and attitudes. Who are these people they are representing? Certainly not the intelligent population that is not buying their songs and dances.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by. I think you just made my day. I asked myself the same question. They don’t represent me, that’s for sure. I was born and raised in Europe and grew up learning what discrimination and hate can do to a country, to families and individuals.Hatred is scary, very scary!


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