Animals don’t smoke!!!!!!!!!


If you thought that tobacco companies didn’t still fund or conduct cruel experiments on animals, you were wrong. In fact, two of the world’s largest companies still do painful, archaic, and irrelevant tobacco tests on animals even though they aren’t required by law and even though superior non-animal testing methods are readily available.

I smoked for so many years, but it wasn’t until I stopped smoking, that I looked into the crimes of the tobacco industries. I started my blog and I did some research, what I found outraged me and I just can’t let it go. I can’t get the images out of my mind, they are  hunting me since weeks. I am not a fanatic running around spraying fur-coats with spray paint, neither am I a vegetarian; I do eat a limited amount of meat, poultry and seafood. I smoked for so long and even though I wasn’t aware of the consequences when I started, I learned about it later on and still continued to smoke. That’s what we do, we know it and continue to play Russian Roulette anyway. It was choice! Animals don’t have a choice, the tobacco industry uses them to test for ???? I smoked and as a former smoker I have a right to judge the tobacco industry, after all I financed them for 35 years. I now declare my own little war against the tobacco companies. Can one person make a difference? Yes, I truly believe so. Will my bog or I make a difference? Probably not…but I will give it my all trying.

We have dogs, so called rescue dogs and we always laugh and joke and say it was the other way around, they rescued us and it is so true. They are family members and they pretend to be well trained, but the truth is they trained us right from the start and that’s OK. I can not look at our dogs any longer and pretend that animal testing for tobacco or other useless products is necessary.

Some of the following facts and images are disturbing, but the truth can be disturbing sometimes.

Their skin peeling off …
Their hair falling out …
Their eyes oozing …
Smoke pumped directly into their noses for hours a day …
Their bare skin painted with tar …
Tumors on their skin …

and this is done why?


animalTesting-rabbit (1)


This is not OK, this is cruel and it deserves our outrage.


Peta2 has an ongoing petition and you will find numerous others…this has to stop!!


10 thoughts on “Animals don’t smoke!!!!!!!!!

  1. LOL don’t ever apologize for being a smararse – I never will (grin). BTW you weren’t a smararse. Everbody who claims to love animals will sooner or later have a conflict with the way our “feeding system” works. I went once to a chicken farm (the word farm was a joke), it was an egg factory and the chickens were held in tiny boxes, just there to lay eggs. They never saw open land, the water was dirty and they stood on metal rods, because the cleaning was easier. They looked terrible. You can see when animals suffer, you can see how wrong it is. I didn’t eat eggs for the longest time until we moved to Ohio. The higher price on meat is so worth it. I love the meat farms here, I can send you a link. You can even go and book classes there. It’s great, they way it was suppose to be! Back to the way we were raised, good meat, but only at the weekends or rare occasions 🙂


  2. I certainly share your strong opinions. I’m vegetarian because I won’t eat anything that was once a living creature. If ‘food’ animals were killed humanely, I might; because that would be simply part of the chain of predatory animals killing and eating each other. But the way ‘food’ animals are kept and slaughtered is simply appalling. It’s obscene – and it’s JUST AS obscene as what’s got you all hot and bothered here, B ! If you’re going to be inflamed, then I really think you should be inflamed across the whole spectrum … Have a think about it, eh ?


    • I think about it since a long time and if we wouldn’t live in Ohio I would be a vegetarian. I am very lucky, I have access to meat from animals that have been raised on a farm. I don’t have to drive more than 20 minutes and I can see Amish buggies on the road. Organic Chicken’s, pigs, Ducks, Geese and some beef is mostly available (lets not talk about the baking products). Of course it costs a little bit more, but it is so much better and just the right thing to do. A lot of our friends go hunting
      -something that I couldn’t do either, but won’t judge. We always get fresh deer meat and other goodies. I grew up making our own sausages and I still know how to do it. Sometimes I trade 🙂 I do believe in a natural food chain, if that makes any sense. However seafood and fish I buy from a market and frozen. Since you are in Australia are you even familiar with the Amish?


      • Oh yes, we know all about them. And as I hope I said, B, I would be an omnivore under those circumstances too. You are indeed lucky; and I apologise heartily for any seeming criticism: that’ll teach me to be such a bloody smartarse !!!


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