3,545…I did it my way!


Daily prompt – 190 days later

I am Quitter and proud of it 🙂

I didn’t write a blog in January, but even if I would have been a blogger then, there was no way I would have predicted that I would become an ex-smoker…just no way!

I loved to smoke, but I quit; after 35 years of smoking. My quit app says it has been 5 months and 27 days since I smoked my last cigarette.

So far I didn’t smoke 3,545 cigarettes and saved $794,57 (time to go shopping).

So, the answer to the daily prompt question of today is: I would have not predicted that I would give up smoking in the next 190 days, not in my wildest dreams! Why, because I didn’t see it coming, it just happened.

Life is full of surprises and all I can say is “I did it my way” and I am proud of it (even Yoda helped).






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