Seriously daily prompt?

The eights sin????? Seriously Daily prompt????

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We all enjoy writing and blogging; it brings us together and we share our posts and stories with our readers. My friends (I don’t have followers) are spread out all over the world. Every time I look at the country list and see the different flags it stuns me and makes me smile. 

With all do respect! The seven deadly sins, aka cardinal sins are part of the Christian ethics.

However, not everybody here at wordpress is Catholic or Christian and that’s alright…who cares? Some of us decided not to be believe in any religion and that’s alright as well…who cares?

I find today’s question offensive, it discriminates a large part of my readers all over the world.

WordPress should be a religion-free zone and daily prompt questions should be INTERESTING for all bloggers around the globe! That’s at least my opinion, what do you think? (there you have a question, lets write about that).


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8 thoughts on “Seriously daily prompt?

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  3. Interesting take, B ! I would hazard a guess that this topic was the result of an hour’s frantic flogging of someone’s grey cells to come up with one. I mean, of course, that not a lot of background thinking was involved.
    Couldn’t’ve been, as the entire concept of the 7 deadlies is so utterly ludicrous ! 🙂
    But don’t worry about its being disciminating: I mean, who cares ??? 😉


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