Don’t force the kiss…


An older friend of mine is a very talented painter, we know each other since years and I admire his work -and his wisdom.

I work in the creative field as well and there are days when it just pours out of me and I have “visions” of what I want to do and can’t work fast enough. Ideas pop up even in the middle of the night. Then there are days, when I drag my feet and I have to force myself to feel creative; it’s almost painful to come up with an idea and I am never satisfied with the result.

One day we talked about it and I told him that I have days when I feel “empty” and not creative at all. He laughed at me and called me a “Muppet” and said something that I will never forget. Creativity is given through a kiss of the muse and you can’t force her to kiss you. So, if whatever you do isn’t working the way you think it should, then it’s because you haven’t been kissed 🙂

I believe there are just days when we have nothing to say…and nothing to give and it is OK! Take some time off and go for a walk and stop to force, what should come naturally.


  writers-block (1)

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