I rarely re-blog…but would like to share this will all my followers. I found this blog today and I think I fell in love -a little bit. I even confessed it to the author, who hopefully has a good sense of humor and I will confess to my husband later :-).

His writing made me smile, but more importantly it made me feel! I could feel the anger and the frustration, I could feel the disbelieve of his own action -even though it happened a while back. I had to re-blog this, I just had to.

The Six Year Hangover

“I really want to do something in radio, I think. Like I want to be Howard Stern or something fucking cool like that,” he said.

The kid couldn’t have been more than 17 years old, 18 max. I had no idea who he was and I don’t think I even bothered asking his name. It was probably on the CVS name tag attached to his uniform: khaki cargo pants and a navy blue polo. He was driving me in his extremely dirty vehicle to a Walgreens about ten minutes away so I could buy a box of nicotine gum and I was starting to feel a little weird about being in the car with a stranger who probably just recently got his license.

My phone rang and I answered.

“What’s taking so long?” my boyfriend asked.

“CVS keeps their nicotine gum behind the pharmacy counter and the pharmacy was closed so I’m going…

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