Road trip…with a smoker! Yipppppieeeeee


I am going on a road trip today…with a smoker. Nothing fancy, just a 3-hour trip, back and forth today; a few stops in the middle with lots of talking and laughter in between -that is a given. I am all excited! My husband is working today and I am going on the road with a friend of mine and will enjoy the gorgeous day and the beautiful landscaping on our way! 

My friend smokes and just a while back I would have been so unsure about myself. “How will I react if she smokes”? – “Will it bother me”? – “Will I be tempted”? I would have been so nervous and so anxious.

This would have been me:


My friend is a very sensitive soul. Even though we are driving in her car, I know she will try not to smoke around me; that’s just the way she is. 

Funny how things can change in just a few month.

I am sitting here and I am concerned, but not about me; I am concerned about her. I don’t want her to be uncomfortable around me; I don’t want her to be miserable trying to hold back to smoke one. I live with a smoker and believe me, I am very comfortable around him.  

I don’t care! Lately I don’t show any reaction to other smokers. I don’t give “anti-smoking-speeches” anymore and I don’t run around like a “health-fanatic”...preaching on every corner. Of course, I hope that all of them will quit one day, but until then it’s just fine with me just the way it is. One day, they will be ready…until then I just love them the way they are.

They smoke and I don’t…case closed!

So I am excited….yipppppie…lets go!



11 thoughts on “Road trip…with a smoker! Yipppppieeeeee

  1. I like the pictures. They made me laugh out loud. And I’m great that you don’t have a problem with other people smoking. For me that means, that you really quitted smoking.


    • You know, I was always wondering if I would get more opinionated with age. It worried me, because I was never shy in discussions and I always stated my opinion loud and clear. Now, being middle aged and loving it, I come to find out that I am more tolerant and more open minded than ever. There is a confidence and a calmness in me that I didn’t see coming. It looks like I won’t be an old bitter, arrogant, know-it-all old Lady lol


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