The first smoke-free autumn…

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This fall will be the first one in my adult life that I will enjoy smoke-free.  That’s hard to believe, considering that I am  50 years young. Seems like I have never spend my favorite season without a cigarette in my hand and now this has changed.

Fall means working in the yard and long walks with my dogs, since they enjoy this kind of weather more than the summer time. This time I won’t carry cigarettes in my fanny pack; No…there will be snacks and dog treats instead.

So far every new season has thrown some temptation my way; but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I stopped smoking in February and managed the rest of wintertime very well. Then spring and summer and now it’s already autumn. This is the last season that I will be able to explore and I am looking forward to it.

So yes, it will be a nice fall and will fill my heart with warmth…no dread here!

Daily prompt Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?



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