The fog has lifted from my life…


You all know I was a smoker and embraced that dreadful role,
until it hit me suddenly that I had no control.
My life was run by cigarettes, so firm was my conviction,
that something had to change -I had to cast out my addiction.

Did I enjoy a cigarette? Yes, there were quite a few,
especially after food, or if I had a drink or two.
But there were many, many more not nice or sweet sublime,
all of a sudden Nicotine required attention all the time.

Why did I start? It does not matter, no reasons count but one,
there’s no good way to justify decisions clearly dumb.
But it was my decision, I admit that to my peers
and so I smoked the dreaded weed for thirty-five long years.

All of a sudden I was ready with my will power on top,
I picked a day to quit the stick and then I said just “stop”.
And that I did, one Tuesday morning, filled with self belief,
which crumbled a few days later as the habit caused me grief.

Was it sometimes hard to stop? You Bet! First every single day,
some minutes felt like hours, until the cravings went away.
I had a list with good excuses, just so I could give in,
but although was determined that tobacco would not win.

The war raged on inside my head; withdrawal was no fun,
but I could stop it all with just one cigarette…just one.
Nicotine got loud it was Smokey’s nagging voice,
but deep inside I knew I didn’t have a choice.

I had to shut my ears and mind to that deceiving creature,
I had to be the student and I had to be the teacher.
I had to practice what I preached I was strong right at my core,
I had to do whatever helped so that I would smoke no more.

And now months have passed and I am finally smoke free,
the fog has lifted from my life and was worth the agony.
Still, cravings come and go – and will do for some time,
but I’m no longer listening. To start again? A crime!

After just a few month -and smokers you may scoff,
in health and wealth, in self esteem, I find I’m better off.
My life belongs to me again. I must have been so sick;
had been a slave to Nicotine – that smelly cancer stick!

Telling you to stop is not what I would like to do,
you are ready when you are, that is just up to you.
To quit is hard, I don’t deny it – Really it’s no joke,
but if you can withstand the strain, you’ll not return to smoke.

And finally a warning – and I say it from my heart,
if you have never ever smoked – then never ever start.
If you think that it’s cool to smoke then just try stopping it,
you will find it’s easier not to start, than smoking is to quit.



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