Death with dignity movement…

Today in the morning I read the story about a courageous young woman, her name is Brittany Maynard; she is 29 years old and has a very aggressive form of brain cancer. Please, read her story   >>>here<<<   and join the movement “death-with-dignity”, so that we all one day will have this option if needed.

Death-with-dignity laws are voluntary. An eligible person can request the prescription, but no doctor is obligated to provide it. Once a prescription is written, the patient chooses when and whether to fill it – or take it. Most people never take it. Simply having the choice provides people a sense of peace in the face of uncertainty and fear that their suffering might be unbearable. It allows people the freedom to die in control, with dignity.

Although join the campaign to end unwanted medical treatment (UMT) you can read more about it    >>>here<<<. Unnecessary medical treatments, that’s something I thought wouldn’t be existing, until I watched it recently first hand myself. This all has to stop! We are human beings…not Guinea pigs.

As for our family, now there is hope that my Sister-in-law will get her wish and will be able to end the suffering on her therms. Maybe just having this choice would really make all the difference. As sad as we all are about the circumstances…now we are hopeful to find a solution after all.

I am still in awe about the time point of these publications. It’s almost like it was right there when we needed it.

We ALL should spread awareness, because one day it could be us.


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4 thoughts on “Death with dignity movement…

  1. This is heartbreaking but also inspiring. She is living her life to the fullest, for as long as she has to live… and is fortunate to have the ability to choose how and when she will die. We should all have that choice. I am sorry your family is facing such heartbreak. I wish your sister-in-law peace.

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