Online support for smokers wanting to quit…where to go?

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Today I would like to list a few of my favorite quit-smoking webpages with a link, so that all of you who follow me, because you either quit, or want to quit smoking in the future, will know where to go.

We spend a lot of time in-front of our computer, laptops or tablets and search for answers online these days. Regardless of what the question is, the internet provides multiple answers, solutions and help for everybody.

It is all a question of taste and personal preference…of course. is a very informative side, offering expert advice and support, although with a 1-800 number if you have any questions. The forum is very well established, with a healthy mix of experienced ex-smokers and newbies, who sign up almost on a daily base. E-cigarettes are not considered to be a NRT-tool there…and that’s the way it should be -until there is more research done. I spent almost 3 months on this board and the interaction with so many ex-smokers and newbies helped (I wasn’t the only one loosing my marbles) that’s where I found my quit-buddy. I will always be grateful to my quit buddy “C”, we both quit smoking after many years and I was just a few days ahead of him. He kept me going, supported me all the way and I will be always be thankful for that. The most forums, boards and communities provide a good amount of experienced ex-smokers and even though they are important, nothing is more important than to have somebody on your side, who is experiencing the same thing right then and there with you…a quit buddy or a group of quit buddies…all close to your own quit date

I mentioned already a few times in my blog and it’s easily explained…this side provides all the answers a smoker might have. Joel Spitzer is the “quit smoking advocate”. Giving up smoking is not the hard part, understanding the urges and cravings and fighting them…that’s the hard part. Dealing with the withdrawal is a main factor in the quitting process and nobody explains it better. This side is copied and used on a lot of other pages, what shows right there how good Joel Spitzer is. I had some moments when I wanted to throw the towel and his videos set my head straight each and every time.

Smokers Anonymous -12 Step Program

Can be found at and It’s very similar to the AA 12 step program and offers the same spiritual approach that works so great for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Either online, or with meetings in real life…this program has helped a lot of smokers to quit and should not be underestimated. offers all the help you might need, it even provides a 1-800 number and you can actually talk to a real person about your problems. Lots of information on this page and you can talk to health professionals directly via email. Interesting for me, they share my outlook on e-cigarettes!

American Lung Association is a very important page. Lots of information and resource here, combined with multiple choices for help and support. Here you can join “Freedom from Smoking online”…however it is not free (AS IT SHOULD BE)… a 3 months membership cost $15.

No Smoking Day UK is a great webpage from the British Heart Foundation. Lots of information and support here and they have a great forum with lots of members. If you want to interact with other ex-smokers, this is a great support board.

Quit smoking iphone and android apps

A list of the 12 best quit smoking apps of the year can be found >>>here<<<. I have one on my phone and it’s actually fun to have your phone count and celebrate with you. I would forget my celebration days now, but my phone doesn’t 🙂

Of course there are other sides as well, there is something out there for everybody, nobody has to quit alone, if you don’t want to.

Wherever you go, whatever helps…it really doesn’t matter…as long as you quit smoking for good!


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