The new DFWM sign…


A new Zodiac Sign was today’s    >>>Daily prompt question<<<    and I had to giggle. Since a while I notice, there is indeed a Zodiac sign missing, for the ones who believe in them in the first place -I don’t.

But…if I would, I would politely request a new sign. The “DFWM” sign, given to females when they are entering menopause and it would fit like a butt on a bucket, like a mitten on a hand.

“DFWM” stands for “Don’t f*** with me” (giggle) there you have it the “DFWM-sign”.

Lets be honest, men and other creatures need a warning, because they have no idea what we have to go through and we don’t know it either. We get a fair glimpse at the start, but the whole thing is a roller coaster ride. Hormones are all over the place and I could get a patent for my mood swings. One minute sweet as candy, the next I can bite your head of without any warning…and that’s not surprising at all, since it seems that I got a brand-new little heating system. The heating system is a little bit out of whack, it was made for somebody living in Antarctica 🙂

People say we go through the change, and this might be…but could somebody please explain to me what I am changing in to? 🙂

But…I am very confident…I am going to figure the whole thing out (sooner or later) until then…DFWM 🙂




6 thoughts on “The new DFWM sign…

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  2. Brilliant and I am so ‘liberating’ that cat picture to use every time someone asks me how I am 😀 Having just started the whole menopause deal I am indeed beginning to wonder what I am changing into and f I should buy chains and a padded dungeon for future use 😉

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