Honey! They are here to get you….

Haunted House

I never understood the fuzz about Halloween, it just wasn’t for me and then things changed…

…I got married. The big kid I am married to since over 30 years is a Halloween fanatic and that’s an understatement. He loves it so much, it’s his all time favorite Holiday.

His main goal in October is to scare as many kids as possible…and to scare them good. For weeks he plans this years decoration and we go from store to store…he designs and builds a lot himself and has a blast doing so.

You have seen some scary decoration in a store? No worries its somewhere in a box in our house…we have it all, either the original or a well build do-it-yourself-version of it. Our house becomes a hunted house for the months of October and it freaks me out sometimes (no kidding).

My husband grew up poor and Halloween costumes, candy or a party wasn’t in the budget. This is why he enjoys Halloween so  much now, but it’s not just for him, he actually does it for the kids. His eyes sparkle when he hears a kid say “awesome” when they leave…mission accomplished!

I am only responsible for the candy. Years ago, when times were different, I was known to make the best homemade Halloween candy in our block. Sadly, now  we can’t give out homemade candy anymore…so we buy it, like everyone else.

We buy it for weeks, because somehow it does disappear -that’s a trick all by itself.

There is no way we will every run out of candy…not possible…not even if the whole town would show up :-).

But, lets consider for a moment we would run out of candy and the kids would actually do a trick, they wouldn’t be after me, they know me. They know I am not the one scaring them since years.

I would open the door, turn around and say “Honey…they are here to get you 🙂

I assume they would tie him up to a tree and would try to scare him with everything known to man. I would get me a big cup of hot chocolate and a comfortable lawn-chair and would enjoy the Heck out of it, because lets face it…he had it coming 🙂

Happy Halloween everybody! Be safe, have fun and don’t eat all the candy at once


Daily prompt   It’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

 hot chocolate


2 thoughts on “Honey! They are here to get you….

  1. Your post is beautifully written. I am not used to the Halloween celebration; but from what I’ve been reading I begin to wonder if this festival doesn’t help the kids to learn a negative culture that becomes part of them in life. Should it continue to be encouraged?


    • Honestly I think kids need stuff like that. Let their imagination go wild, after all we can’t shield them forever. If we like it or not, there are negative things in this world…not everything is beautiful, that would be wishful thinking. Thank you so much for stopping by, it’s an honor to have you.

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