New Blogging Rules…

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6 months ago I started blogging. I wasn’t really sure what it meant, but decided to do it anyway. I watched the movie “Julie and Julia” and if she could do it, so could I…it couldn’t be that complicated. I had the idea, or the vision, to write about my quitting journey. I wanted to share my experience with others and thought “maybe I can reach just one smoker”. I didn’t really know how, but that was the idea behind it and the reason why I started blogging.

I got a name “The happy Quitter” and started with my first posts. I remember the excitement, when I saw that somebody out there actually read what I wrote. I got my first followers and it felt good -how did they ever come up with that name “followers”…sounds like a religious cult.

I am going strong toward 10,000 visitors on my blog and I know from emails, that I indeed could inspire some smokers to quit. Especially in Columbus, the city we live in, since I have the link to my blog in my email signature, not realizing that it would work so well. Every email I send shows a link to my blog, friends, neighbors and businesses…everybody gets bothered :-).

I promised to pay it forward for 1 year…so there are 6 more month to go and I have lots of material, stories and a few milestones left.

The views and the followers seemed important at first, but what really blew me away, was the country list in my Stats. I expected, or hoped, to find readers in USA, UK and Canada, maybe even some in Europe; but didn’t expect to welcome so many different countries on my blog. 93 to be exact. The last ones added to my list were Montenegro, Nicaragua and Estonia. The most surprising ones -for me- were Kazakhstan and Qatar (this one I had to look up).  I invited the word in my living room and the world came…I am entirely grateful for this experience.

A few things happened lately, that made me re-think this whole blogging thing. I follow one blog -one of my favorites- and the blogger loves to write about different stuff and posts almost on a daily base. We communicated back and forth via comments on a daily base and I loved it. I didn’t get the email updates anymore and thought “OK, maybe the blogger is taking a break”. After a few days I visited the blog and there were many post that I have missed. Somehow I must have un-followed the blog, not by intention.

I tried to figure out what happened and noticed at the same time, that the blogger had stopped reading my blogs as well. No more likes and no more comments…I found that puzzling, but didn’t really think anything by it. The same day I wrote a post to a daily prompt and I went on to read some of the other posts afterwards…as I always do. I found one post particular interesting and left a comment, pointing out that we had a similar view. I got a reply and it said something like “Thank you for stopping by, but I only read post of the people I follow. I am a writer and a little bit narcissistic” (you think).  It made me laugh, but then I thought about it. How sad ~!

So what does that mean? I like you, if you like me? I scratch your back and you scratch mine? I read your posts, if you read mine. Well, whatever it means, I don’t like it and I am changing my rules now (only worries).

  • I will not blindly like posts anymore (yes I did that too), just because I am a follower, or it is expected. I saw this over and over happening at the daily prompt and I am tired of it. If I like it…alright, if I don’t like it…too bad. 🙂
  • I will read other posts as well, especially at the daily prompt and will use the tag-search in my reader to explore other blogs.
  • If I like a post, I will hit like and leave a comment. If I don’t like it, I will only leave a comment. Nothing ugly..just something like “Hope you have a great day”, or WTH 🙂

I didn’t think this whole blogging thing all the way through,neither did I expect to fall in love with so many blogs. My new guilty pleasure in the morning is now reading, what other bloggers wrote.

I have my favorite blogs and will be a follower/reader for a very long time. But then there are blogs that started out so great and so promising, but lately became boring…and I mean boring to me. One poem after the next or “stuff” that doesn’t have anything to do with the original blog anymore.  Here are 4 lines about my toothbrush, lets call it poetry…or better here is a picture of my toothbrush. Seriously?

How do you un-follow a blog? What is the right thing to do. Just click and run? Or say Good-bye. Good question isn’t it? I decided to be honest; I am just not the click-and-run type. I haven’t figured out how to do it and what to say. I would appreciate some suggestions 🙂



25 thoughts on “New Blogging Rules…

  1. Quitting smoking and staying quit was the hardest act of will I ever encountered. I had NO idea how addicted I was until I tried to stop. I think non-smokers underestimate what a difficult process it is!

    I just don’t have time to read more blogs than I already read, so I try to shuffle things around from time to time. I have almost 7,000 followers, so obviously with the best will in the world, I couldn’t read them all … and following them all would be silly and meaningless. I don’t automatically follow anyone or anything and never have. I’m surprised people do.


    • It was actually very easy for me. I was done with it. OK I had some moments when I wanted to hit somebody o just laughed or cried. I found some humor on it. It wasn’t so much that I missed the cigarette, I missed the ritual…does that make sense? I work alone in my workshop, whenever I run into a problem I went outside and smoked. I walked away and smoking gave me an excuse to do so. I stayed busy and allowed myself the “walk away” time I obviously needed…but without a cigarette. Sorry I am in rambling mood today 🙂


  2. Hello Happy Quitter, Thank you for this post, which I found via the Daily Post. I am rather new at blogging, so I am still trying to figure out the ins and outs of all the blogging interaction. It’s pretty confusing at first. Your post actually helps clarify quite a bit.

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  3. Love your New Blogging Rules.. and I have many who hit my follow button and never make a comment.. 🙂 I also Have a writer I follow and she only ever presses the likes too.. We take people as we find them is my motto.. Sometimes you have to trim your sails so to speak..

    Good to meet You 🙂

    People have got used to my comings and goings now.. As I can not come around for ages then hit them with a backlog of comments as I view their updates.. We worry far too much about what others think.. And since my early retirement this Year.. I have too much going off to sit in front of a PC all day.. ( Only having said that.. I have sat here for hours today catching Up LOL )

    WP has had a glitch whereby it has unfollowed a few I follow and visa-versa to my community of friends..
    Well done by the way for Quitting Smoking.. Not easy , My Hubby did it when he was 40 after smoking since the age of 13.. 🙂 He just decided one day he had had enough.. And that was well over 20 yrs ago now 🙂 ..

    I know I will be back.. as I am loving seeing your recipes .. 🙂
    Wishing you well as we prepare our Christmas Goodies 🙂


    • Sue, it is a pleasure to meet you. I didn’t know about the glitch at WP, but it explains it. I will enjoy the blogs I read and will try to get to know blogging friends a bit better. The “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” doesn’t work with me very well. I am a bad puppet :-). Its funny how it works when we make our mind up. I know I smoked for all my adult life, but can’t wrap my head around it anymore. Weird isn’t it?

      I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for your comments and your time today 🙂


      • Like wise… Now I am off to eat Sunday Dinner which My Hubby has prepared.. He is also a great Cook…. So over and out until we meet again 🙂
        By the way.. you have a delightful energy which I feel from your words..
        Enjoy A Great Family time.. Happy Christmas to you and Yours..


    • Okay, I’m not going to rewrite everything I wrote before. Suffice it to say that I agree with you. Although blogging can certainly contain al good deal of politics and numbers-playing, I find the blogs I like most are those who devote time and thought to their posts. I’ve also started reading those who post last first on the prompts page. i find they usually have more to say since they haven’t posted hastily. Did you know you could just remove someone from your Reader list without actually unfollowing them? That way you avoid hurting their feelings, but they won’t make it harder for you to find those you do want to read.

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      • No I don’t. How do I remove someone from the reader list without unfollowing. It would be great if you would share your wisdom, i am a computer dummie (but make progress). I don’t like to hurt peoples feelings and wont’ post a Goodbye or something like that. After all other readers would read it as well. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving


  4. You’re completely right. This “like” button is often only to show “Hey, I was here, so read my blog now”. Nevertheless, I still like. But not everything. Like you said, you can click on like, if you liked the post.
    Recently I even got a comment, with the only text “Great “. Since I control my comments before they appear on my posts, this one got just marked as Spam.
    And as you do, I have my favorite tag, which I read on an almost daily basis. Sometimes I find then a new blog, which I really like, and I start to follow that blog. Without expecting anything else from that blogger, then more good posts in the future. Nobody has to visit my blog, just because I visited theirs.

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  5. I also had the dilemma of whether I should follow someone’s blog because they followed mine, I always look at a new follower’s blog, but if I see it is not content I am interested in I don’t follow. I always respond to comments made on my blog, and I do comment on the blogs I follow. Many bloggers have become my “friends” through blogging- I look forward to their posts. Some blogs I have “unfollowed” as the content over time proved to be uninteresting. I do not say good bye- what the person is writing has an audience I am sure, it’s just a case of “different strokes for different folks.” I have a small following, and keep my own following not so large. I end up finding new blogs to follow through the ones I follow already- there are usually common interests which draws us together. Reading and writing should be entertaining, not a chore, not a who is in and who is out thing in my opinion. The people behind the blogs that matter to me will remain, and for the others who followed just to add another blog, who may leave, so be it. Sorry if this turned into a rant! 🙂

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  6. I’m happy I came across your blog, because you always have such interesting and quirky things to say. You really put your own spin on everything, and that makes me nod and smile (no, not like one of those dopey dogs in the back of the car!). I’m never quite sure what to except when I start reading one your articles, but by the end I’m usually feeling quite entertained. Keep up the good work!

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  7. Hmm I never really thought about it like that- I am the click and run type especially if it is a blog that has had not interaction with me or me with it. I also like to find new blogs to read and I prefer blogs where people keep it real.

    Thanks for a lovely blog!

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