I love you…but Good-bye

Oh, thank you daily prompt, that’s an easy one. I loved to smoke cigarettes and would probably still do it, IF…well, if there wouldn’t be an IF. It’s not healthy and it made me cough. Smokers became outcasts over the years and the question “what if…” came to my mind quiet often…so I quit. I had my last cigarette in the evening on February 2nd. Tomorrow is my 10 months quit-celebration. Stunning, just stunning. I wrote this a while back and would like to share it with all of  you today…

Dear Cigarette!

I was looking at old pictures and remembered how we met. Kids were hiding behind bushes and they were smoking. I was the youngest in class and I admired the older ones…I wanted to be one of them…they looked so grown up and so cool. I walked over and joined them; I couldn’t believe it, but they talked to me and offered me a cigarette – I felt so honored. That’s how we met, that’s how we became friends.

At first I had to hide our friendship, not everybody approved – or maybe they were just jealous! But nothing could separate us….we continued our friendship and met at hidden places, so nobody could see how close we were!

The years in school ended and we could openly be friends, we went to college and met a lot of people like us. Our friendship was blooming..we were always together and nobody questioned us and our friendship was normal!

You were with me when I went to parties; you were there when I met my husband. We couldn’t afford a big wedding and couldn’t invite our friends, but you were with me…he brought his own friend….it was such a wonderful time.

You were with me when I laughed and when I cried. You were with me when I felt good and on bad days. You were with me, when I bought my first car, you were with me when we bought our first house. We did everything together, we were thick as thieves!

I never questioned our friendship, but other people did. It started slowly, but I have been asked not to bring you with me. I had to leave places, just to check on you! More and more places didn’t let you in and I had to go alone! They welcomed me, but didn’t like you! It was weird at first and it made me think about you, what did they see that I didn’t?

People change! Our friendship took my breath away….I felt uncomfortable and I got tired of dragging you along. I got tired of sneaking out, just to see you for a few minutes. I felt like I was sitting in a cage, you were so needy! I just didn’t enjoy being with you anymore and I wasn’t proud of our friendship either. We drifted apart….I wanted to go in a different direction!

I had many doubts over the last two years and I wanted to end our friendship. I just didn’t know how and I didn’t know how I would feel.

Sorry cigarette, you already know that I moved on! I am sorry it came out of nowhere for you -but not really, you must have seen it coming. You must have felt my hesitation!

You called so many times, you yelled and screamed, you cried and begged for our friendship. Friendships are based on mutual feeling, I don’t have these feelings anymore. I am not your friend anymore! Stop calling me and move on yourself!

I feel free…and I feel good. Thank you for all the good times, and no hard feelings for the bad times! Please don’t call anymore!

All the Best!
I will always love you, but we were not meant to be together forever.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Extreme Tale.”

9 thoughts on “I love you…but Good-bye

    • It’s do-able. Pretty Aquileana…please think about quitting. You don’t want to be in my shoes later on. Just in case we won’t see/read each other before Christmas. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas 🙂


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