N.O.P.E. the daily nonsmoking pledge…


I follow another ex-smokers blog and his post today made me aware of the fact, that I never talked about the daily N.O.P.E. pledge here on my blog. One of the most important tools there is and I didn’t mention it at all. Bummer! Well, I am not going to write about it today either, instead I will lean back and send you all to his blog…because he explains it much better than I ever could.

N.O.P.E. stands for Not One Puff Ever and is a daily pledge that I learned at the >>>quitsmokingboard<<<. I could never wrap my head around this forever thing. I was more a one-day-at-a-time quitter. My pledge instead was S.N.O.T (Smoking Not Optional Today) it made me smile, but although helped me to focus on just one day. N.O.P.E came later for me, when I realized “this is it”, when I didn’t have a problem to say “ever” and actually meant it.

I don’t even know for sure when I said the daily pledge the last time. I think it was in the summer time. I remember me taking the pledge in my kitchen in front of our dogs :-). Then, when not smoking became normal, I started to forget all about it. However, I would recommend the daily N.O.P.E. pledge to everybody who thinks about quitting smoking, or just quit smoking. It is a great tool to stay focused. So go to Edwards Blog and check it out. His blog is for independent thinkers and is called “Pack it in” here is the >>>link<<<. Edward…thank you for today’s post. Perfect timing!

My instinct and my emails tell me, that a good amount of people will make quitting there New Year’s resolution. I think that’s a great idea…especially since you will always be able to remember you quit date. I have been asked when I quit last week and the question took my by surprise. I knew it was in February, but I had to think about the date. First I blamed aging…as usual…but then I smiled. How great is that. I don’t remember my quit date. It just not important anymore. I love that. I am an ex-smoker, non-smoker…or just a happy middle aged Lady who used to smoke once.



10 thoughts on “N.O.P.E. the daily nonsmoking pledge…

  1. Nice to meet you Kathy. DO NOT try it alone, there is no need. I did it alone because I had a flue and didn’t know what I was doing :-). You don’t have to sign up at the qsmb.com just read other smokers stories (I am not there anymore). thank you for your kind words, you made my day :-). I am here, just an email away. There is the saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. You will be ready IF you want to be. Don’t let anybody pressure you, not me, not your partner or family. It’s your call..it works like magic IF you say so.


  2. I am going now but I just have to add that you are doing a great service by helping others in their fight against addiction this is I think also part of one’s recovery , I feel we get over our addictions better when we start to reach out and help others , so I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for this great service and wishing you much courage and strength to carry on. I will write again when I have something positive to share , positive for me will mean 21 days off the horrible little sticks of misery , please God. I have not yet set a date and would love to say it is tomorrow , there are 5 left in the box and well we shall see chat in 7 days perhaps from the first day off them , hope you are not waiting too long for some correspondence from and I really cannot believe I am talking so amicably about something like this after reading the first post , sorry and please forgive me I mean no dis respect just trying to talk my self into being real and the other part of me called addiction is trying his best to make light of a very serious situation . Blessings in your writing and thank you. Kathy.


  3. I like that slogan I really think that slogan would have helped me the last time I quit …not one puff ever… your other post tonight really shook me up thankfully, not just for me but for my family , how can I gamble like this , with their lives really , they would be so sad to see me ill and this is the first time really that has hit home, thank you so much for sharing your friends story , I reblogged it; there’s is a very strong message in that post and this is a good thing;sometimes us smokers are a little unreal well speaking for my self a large amount of unreal ,the time was right for me to get real , I just hope it’s not too late.


  4. I quit 8 years ago with some quit tips amd stradegey from nicotene anonymous. I pickex a quit daye sboug a month away prayed it up amd gave it up. The sayings that helped me were “it’s a dose habit, if uou don’t ise it you don’t need it” “don’t respond yo the craving by smoking fo something else and it wi pass” “3 days and the physicsl need is gone” and my favorite “you’re a puff away from a pack a day” I don’t miss it

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