High Five…

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Today’s daily prompt asked how I did on my New Years resolution for the last 11.75 months and I had to smile a little bit. I looked down and well, the 10 pounds I wanted to lose are still attached on my hips. I got used to them and will hang on to it…for now until I change my mind. 

I never really have New Years resolution starting right then at the 1st of January. It’s generally more an idea. Not a “must” more a “give it a try girl!”. So, I thought about living healthier, maybe losing the 10 lbs mentioned above…and the other thing on my mind last New Years evening was…smoking. I didn’t like it that much anymore, my “habit” started to bother me. The morning cough, that I tried to excuse with another sinus problem, made me think about quitting. The thought about giving up smoking started to cross my mind more often…what was surprising. I was always the happy smoker, never felt guilty about it and never even tried to quit in all those years. Not once in 35 years.

I continued to smoke until February and then, with a little help from a friend called “the flu” I quit. I smoked the last one on February 3rd and smoking is a part of my past ever since.

I just looked at my quit counter:

I haven’t smoked in 10 months, 19 days, 4 hrs and 20 minutes.

6,444 cigarettes not smoked. $1,452,86 saved.

That sounds pretty impressive…but where did the money go?????? That part I need to investigate :-).

I would say mission accomplished! High Five! There won’t be New Year’s resolution this year…I think.


9 thoughts on “High Five…

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  2. I started putting my drinking $$$ into a tin when I quit, glued the lid on and left it for 6 months. I got a nice surprise when I opened it! $775 to spend on myself.
    I intend to do the same when I quit the ciggies!


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