The Zombies ate my brain…

the walking dead 3

I had to borrow this line from my blogging friend “The Zombies ate my brain” and I hope she doesn’t mind, but I am afraid that’s exactly what happened to me. I wasn’t very much online lately and I can blame it all on my husband and the Zombies :-).

My husband had vacation time left and all of my big projects were finished, we could spend some quality time together between Christmas and the 6th of January. My husband, who normally behaves like a relative of Mr. Scrooge, had been kissed by the Holiday spirit…that doesn’t happen too often. He wanted to go shopping and had a good time giving out presents and home made gifts. Every morning he come up with something else. Christmas music in the kitchen, Holiday movies on TV…he had too much fun and his joy was contagious. We spent too much money for things we don’t really need, spent more money on food we shouldn’t really eat…and had a good time.

We went to an electronic store, because I wanted to buy a new cover for my tablet. One of those stores, where I should put my husband on a leash and sure enough…he got lost. A found him a while later and his eyes were sparking.

“Look honey what I found”….I had no idea what it was. Something that looked like an over-sized USB plug in. “What is it?”. “It’s that thingy that lets you stream to your TV”. “Stream what?” I swear, this conversation happened in a store, where you can never find a sales person…however there was one right beside me, listening to our not so intelligent conversation. He must have had pity with us, because he participated sighhhhhh. I hardly watch TV. I have piles of books that I want to read, a long list of things that I want to do and too much music I really love…there is just no time for TV. That streaming-thingy is needed, when you want to watch an online movie on TV. Got it…thank you! I wanted to leave and my husband got that puppy look…”but it could be fun. You always say you don’t watch TV because there is nothing on that interests you”. Dangit, true…I say that all the time.

So needless to say, we bought that thing. “We” –what means in our house I, when  it comes to computers and similar electronics- had to figure out how it works. It was fairly simple, easy to install. Now we could stream…but what? We signed up for a 30 day free trial on Netflix. My husband was all excited and eager…he wanted to start streaming. We are in our 50’s and it felt like we just stepped into the 21st century for good…no turning back now!

My husband made a list of movies and shows we should watch. It was a long list sighhhh. Even after so many years, I just can’t resist him. I put a small pile with books and cookbooks on the side of my chair -just to be on the safe side- and we started streaming. He did good, a few movies actually interested me. I don’t like comedies too much…but the two he found had me rolling. I truly enjoyed them. “OK now what?” I shouldn’t have asked. He wanted to watch “The walking dead”….seriously?????? “You want to watch a TV series about Zombies”??????? The last time I watched something with Zombies, was in the 80’s when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” came out on mtv.

He said younger people talked about it at his job and it sounded interesting. “Probably the same young people running around with their jeans around their ankles” was on my mind...but I didn’t say it. I was all game, went in the kitchen, opened a nice bottle of wine (thought that might be helpful) and we started watching the pilot. It’s wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be, that or the wine was really worth the money :-). But no way would I watch the whole season…ain’t happening!

I promised him we would watch 3 episodes and would decide and judge then. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is something that I really live by…oh he knows me well. “OK 3 hours…I can handle that?” After 3 episodes we needed to watch one more…and one more. For a few days, that’s all we did in the evening, watched the first and second season of “The walking dead”. Then the third and forth season and found the re-run of season 5 on TV airing at the same time. We recorded that as well and now we are up-to-date. I haven’t watched that much TV in my whole life.

Well, the Zombies must have eaten my brain….I love this show and so does my husband. We are officially “Walking Dead fans” and I would have bet all my money against it. That’s one of the reasons that I haven’t been posting much…after all, blogging does require some brain. 🙂

The last two days were spent on the house. Who bought all these Christmas decorations? Seriously, it’s just the two of us…what were we thinking? It took us days to get everything back to normal (whatever that means). So he will start working on Monday and I will slowly get back to my normal routine as well.

This Holiday Season was really fun! I had a ball…back to blogging and everything else the living do 🙂

walking dead


4 thoughts on “The Zombies ate my brain…

  1. Hi just found your blog through the farmy! Loved this post. I was once skeptical of walking dead but then I became obsessed. I think it is the survival aspect of it, and they are brilliant at character development. It really isn’t about the zombies! Hope next season is good too!


    • I don’t know what it is, but I love the show. What is surprising, because I really don’t watch too much TV. Rather have my nose in a book 🙂

      Welcome to my little blog. I am always happy to meet a new friend 🙂


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