Houston we have a problem…


A friend of mine, who I work with on a regular base is sick since a while, I wrote about in on my kitchen blog in a post called >>>just a liver please<<<. He finally made in on the transplant list and is now in the hospital in waiting position and we all hope, that a liver will come up in time.

We work in the same field, without actually being competitors and helped each other out whenever we had big projects. He did slow his business down when he started to get sick, but then it all happened so fast, that he couldn’t do it all. There are still projects that need to be finished. His wife called me and she is devastated, doesn’t really know what to do. She has a lot on her plate right now and enough to think about, without worrying about his business. If everything goes smooth, then he will be back to “normal” in maybe a few weeks or months…no reason to shut his business down for good. Let’s hope for the best! So, I decided to finish his projects and will take care of his best clients for a few weeks or month.

I will be crazy busy for the next 4-6 weeks…after that I can spread things out and my schedule should be back to normal. Helping a friend is an honor and I know he would do the same for me and my husband, if it would be the other way around. Besides my own work, there will be now his as well. I still sleep a little bit now and then and there is my husband, the dogs and the work around the house. Yep…Houston..we have a problem! I won’t have enough time for my blogs and I don’t like it at all.

I have a lot of pre-written posts saved in my kitchen blog, but didn’t have the time to do the same for the “Happy Quitter”.

I love my smoking blog and don’t want to shut it down, so I was thinking:

May I ask a few of you for guests post…just for a few weeks?

So far all my readers and followers hear everything just from my perspective. Believe it or not, a few people have actually quit smoking not because, but with the help of my little blog and they keep me posted via email about their milestones. It makes me so happy and give this little blog a purpose! I bet they would like to hear other ex-smoker’s success stories as well. Or maybe you could write about any kind of experience you have had with cigarettes or people around you, who smoked, or used to smoke. How did you quit, when did you quit and why. Stuff like that or anything that is smoke related.

Of course there would be a link back to the writer’s blog and I would be on my best behavior and write a nice non-sarcastic introduction (pinky promise).

I would really appreciate that. I know a lot of you mentioned your “smoking history” once or twice, but I don’t really know much more about it. I would like to read it as well.

So, my blogging friends…can we make this happen. Would that be possible? My email address is Fabric_magic@yahoo.com


pretty please

12 thoughts on “Houston we have a problem…

  1. Hi dear Bridget!… I hope that your friend can get through the transplant successfully and I am proud of you for being there to help him and show him your support…
    As to the Guest Posts, I have been so busy lately I can barely keep it up with my own blog!… Besides my perspective wouldn’t be so much useful to you as maybe yours is to me… You know why!… ⭐ Anyhow I am tweeting this post and will leave it on top of my feed until tomorrow so that way people can see it and maybe its helps!… Much love to you<3 Best wishes! Aquileana 😀


    • Aquileana….that would be great. He is on a transplant list and I just hope there will be a liver in time. Until then I will work my butt off :-). Your perspective is always valued. I know you smoke, but I although know there is a voice inside you that thinks occasionally about quitting…BUT you are not ready yet 🙂 What made you start? Sending you a very big hug and all my love….one day I figure this tweet thing out 🙂


  2. I can write from the perspective of a caregiver/friend to my friend who succumbed to lung cancer after smoking for 40 years, it may not be easy for people to read though. Let me know if you want me to, and when. ❤

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    • Thank you Marilyn I so appreciate it. Whenever you want to and feel like it, it’s fine with me. Lets hope I get more and I will spread them out over the next 4 weeks. You write whatever you want -you even get permission to curse me- just send it to me in an email, when you are done and I will gladly post it. Actually can’t wait myself to read it.


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