Smart or not smart?


I love my cellphone and the day it will be able to notice that I can’t find it -again-, will be the day when I will be willing to call it smartphone…until then it’s just an android-something. I really didn’t want one, carried around an older, dinosaur flip phone and it worked just fine for me.


I am older, the phone was older, oh we were a perfect match. One day it broke and my phone carrier couldn’t provide me with another one, so they said, and they talked me into an android phone. I was instantly warned when the instructions came in book form, went home and started reading. Right from the start it became clear that I wouldn’t use all the functions on the phone. Why would I need music on my phone, a navigation thing and all the other nonsense? That’s something for the younger kids, so the whole thing was just a waste of money. Still, I read it all, played around for a little bit and was more and more surprised by what it could do. I spend hours to find the right tone; I mean ringtone -it was there so I had to play around with it. I finally found the perfect ringtone and other tunes for notifications and other nonsense, when the phone actually rung for the first time. The ringtone was hysterical and I enjoyed listening to it longer than I intended, because I didn’t know how to answer the phone. Later on I learned, that I have to unlock my screen first, even so I didn’t lock it in the first place…then I had to slide something on the screen into something to be able to take a call. My phone worked…our relationship begun. I downloaded different apps and had a ball. One app is responsible to keep track of my fitness level, another one celebrates my non-smoking milestones with me and reminds me with a gentle ring not to overlook these. My phone knows where I am at all times and I wish I could say the same the other way around. “Honey can you please call my phone” is a standard sentence in our home, because my phone and I love to play hide and seek.

I got used to my new phone and used more and more features. It holds all my business contacts, important birthdays of friends and family, email addresses and other informations, what pretty much turned me into a total dummy. Years ago I knew all my friends phone numbers by heart, today I only know two, my husband’s and my own.


Modern technology is too cool…or maybe not. Just a few years back I had regular work hours and everybody knew it. Today I get texts at all hours, 7 days a week, even on Sunday. They send me pictures via text, want a quote and answer right then and there. It seems today we all have to be available 24/7. Little kids have already a cell phone and can text each other. What happened to “hey I go over to my friends house and look if he/she can play?”. The so called smart phones didn’t make us smarter at all. Go into a restaurant and watch people, how they interact with each other. You will see people sitting on a table starring into their phones, instead of talking to each other. I find it sad and highly alarming. It’s like people prefer the social interaction via phone more, than just being with one or two friends in person. So called social media sites, where people can interact with 500 friends at the same time -490 of whom they really don’t care for- are not social at all…they isolate people. I noticed that the phone had a certain power over me. Every time it made a noise I had to look what or who it was. Who send an email? Who texted me? Even when we spend quality time together, my phone was right there, so I could see it at all times. A while back, I met a friend in a coffeehouse and I noticed how stupid we behaved. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and enjoyed our meeting, but our conversation was interrupted my numerous calls -none of them important- and a good amount of text messages. That made me think and I was angry with myself. What had happened to me?

I thought about it and now we have cell phone rules in our home and I am not long 24/7 available…my phone is just a phone, with a little bit more information and I don’t accept texts from customers anymore. I am smarter than my phone…period!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A House Divided.”

A House Divided

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.).

7 thoughts on “Smart or not smart?

  1. This post was suggested in the reader (after your recent autocorrect post) and I wonder how much of this is still applicable a feeble years later – probably a lot- eh? More so maybe –
    And side note you are so witty


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