I might go home…

…just for a short while.

Take my husband and our dogs with me and show them finally the beauty of the places where I grew up. Yes, I could need a break and spring time would be perfect for it. Let’s go…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

16 thoughts on “I might go home…

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  3. That’s gorgeous. I had to read up a little about South Tyrol as I didn’t know anything about it. Sounds like a very interesting and beautiful country, a wonderful place to visit.


  4. I have been to Austria 3 times now.. And I don’t think you can beat the wonderful beauty of the mountains and lakes .. I have some of my very best memories of time there in the mountains, and meadows.. Not to mention the wonderful architecture and traditions… Sigh… I can see why you want to go home..
    Enjoy… xx Sue

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      • Yes, a vaccination, Once in the Summer on a tour of Austria and the Italian Lakes, then once with a large family Holiday in which we all stayed in a wonderful Old type Quest house on the mountainside above Lake Mondsee. It was a brilliant base to travel to many places.. And it was good as it was self catering in which Guests would join together in an evening and all chip in to cook an evening meal..
        Another time just me and my Hubby went to spend Christmas complete with snow sleigh ride with horses .. Magical Memories xxx

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