Time to rearrange…


“Every time I get used to something, I turn around and she changes it”, that’s one of my husbands favorites statement. “She” would be me and “he” would be the wonderful man I am married to…and, as much I hate to admit it, “he” would be right. I have rearranged our living room -again- just recently and surprised him with it. His second favorite statement about me is a little bit more private. “I wake up with a brunette and go to bed with a blonde” a humorous remark, about how often I changed my hairstyle and the color over the last 30 years. What can I say, “addicted to the bottle” might come to mind :-).

I have a little quit counter on my computer, it says:

My name is Ladybug*, and I am a nicotine addict.
I have stopped nicotine for 1 year, 1 month, 20 days, 13 hours, 38 minutes and 17 seconds (413 days).

I’ve not smoked 8271 death sticks, and saved $1,872.02.
I’ve saved 28 days, 17 hours and 16 minutes of my life.

(*Ladybug is indeed my nickname, given to me one night…well that’s a different story)

First of all, I do wonder where the $1,872,02 went. I need to search our house, the money must be laying around somewhere. Secondly, I think the last line, with the saved days of my life, is Baloney :-).

Lets face it, smoking was something I did in the past. I run through all the milestones, I celebrated here an there a little bit and talked about how I did it and how I stayed focused, but now I am “smoked out”. 

I was wondering about my blog, I would like to keep it alive. I can tell by the emails and views of my older posts, that there are still many smokers out there all over the globe, who want to quit as well. There is still so much to talk about that involves the tobacco industry and the politics around it. There is always “smoking news”, especially when it comes to the industries newest toy the e-cigarette. I would like to continue to write about it, but not on a daily base.

I did what I wanted to do, I payed it forward for one year and stayed focused in my quit by doing so. BUT…there is so much more to The happy Quitter than just my smoking past. I am a goofball with serious moments, or a serious goofball. I am a rambler and talker, a student and a teacher, a reader and a blogger. I have so much on my mind and none of it has anything to do with smoking. Books, music, history, places I visited and cultures I was allowed to explore. I am an agnostic believer, a feminist who believes in spoiling my husband rotten. I am animal activist and a first generation immigrant. I am an European in America. There are some tough subjects that I would like to write about, there are humorous stories that I would like to share.

So, guess what? I am going to rearrange my blog a little bit. Will change the categories, will throw stuff around and will bug you all with the new ideas in just a few :-).



7 thoughts on “Time to rearrange…

  1. I’m glad you are going to rearrange. I’ve gotten fond of hanging out here … and it’s not for the smoke (or mirrors).

    We can’t rearrange our living room. They forgot the walls. You can only put stuff where we’ve got it. When they built this place, “open arrangements” were quite The Thing … so they just left the walsl out. We have arches, a huge picture window, doorways, a hall, and a stairwell. A big fireplace with an elegant curved brick hearth with a wood burning stove. Not ONE SINGLE WALL in the room.

    Maybe that’s why my blog is formless. You think?

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    • No, I think that’s why your blog is open and inviting. No walls means no limits :-). Our house was built in the 60’s. A few walls but no doors downstairs at all, open arches, open floor plan or forgotten doors :-). 2 living areas, kitchen, and a dinning something room, staircase and no doors. If I want to slam a door (not I would ever do that) I have to run upstairs lol.


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