Hidden twin


For me it’s not really hard to design a new planet, because it would be very much like the planet I love so much. Oceans and mountains, rivers and lakes, fauna and flora and the same climate zones. Yes, the new planet would be an identical twin of Earth. 

The inhabitants would be the same, but we would live differently. There, we all would be equal, women and men. No judgment over the color of the skin, no cultural differences and no man made borders in between. Sexual orientation wouldn’t matter and the names of different Gods would be accepted by all. Cultural differences would be looked at with excitement, learning about it would be considered an honor.

We all would have only one passport saying Citizen of Earth and could go wherever we wanted to. No language barriers and no fear of the unknown, no poverty and no hunger.

Of course there will always be someone who won’t fit in, or would try to take advantage of others. Some people can’t live in peace, it scares them, so we would have to find a reasonable punishment. Something really scary…I know we would just end them back to Earth.

Wait..I was suppose to create a planet. I think I failed this prompt and created a version of Heaven and Hell instead…oppps..sorry!



Interplanet Janet

You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.

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