Where is it?

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“Honey, have you seen my GPS system?” I couldn’t find it, looked everywhere. My husband shook his head. First I didn’t want a GPS system. What for? Then I fell in love with it and took it with me all the time. Helpful little device, when you are on the road…even though it doesn’t get it all. Turning into a drive-through is not an illegal u-turn, it’s legal and nesseccary.

The GPS system was gone. Oh, isn’t age a great thing. I probably put it somewhere and forgot all about it. Let me think. I came back into my workroom, put down my keys, my purse and the GPS system. Got me something to drink and waited for the Comcast guy. I had finally decided to put a TV in my workshop. I work alone during the day, listen to music and talk to the dogs and cats. I talk to customers, either in person or on the phone, but mostly it’s just me and it gets lonely during the day. TV would be a nice thing to listen to. So, I made the call and scheduled the installation.

The guy was nice, he was very talkative and did a good job. I offered him a glass of iced tea and he was so grateful. Nice guy, really nice. He explained everything to me and took his time.

Wait a minute! Did he take my GPS system? No, that’s nonsense. He works for Comcast. Nobody took it. I misplaced it, I do stuff like that lately. Yes, it was somewhere…but where?

I looked in the car, it wasn’t there. Looked it the fridge, it wasn’t there either. I put my whole workroom upside down…it was nowhere to be found.

Maybe it was in the house, even though I never take it to the house. I spent days looking for that thing. Did I throw it away accidently? Did it fall behind a work surface? Did I put it away with my tools? I looked at the same places over and over.

Finally it dawned on me, that the Installation guy must have taken it. It was the only explanation.

I called Comcast and that’s when I started to get really upset. They gave me the runaround, transferred me from one holding line to the next. Nobody seemed to be responsible for my request.

I simply wanted to know if the Installation guy had a GPS system and if so, what brand it was. I still had the box and the manual from the one I had bought, from the one that was missing. I don’t like to accuse people, so I just wanted to make sure.

Finally I got a human being on the line, who was willing to take my complaint. She couldn’t give me the name of the Installer, but said she would make a note about the GPS system. She told me that this guy wasn’t working for them. “Hello….he wore a uniform and came in a Comcast truck”. “Yes Mam, but he is a contractor”.

“So, does that mean you contractors are thieves and your are fine with it?” I wasn’t angry anymore, I was outraged. I flew of the handle, if you know what I mean.

I couldn’t believe it. Shouldn’t they be more concerned about the people representing their company? I felt like I was the bad guy.

I was upset and stayed upset for days. It bothered me, because I realized that this guy must have taken the GPS system, when I turned around and gave him the iced tea. He literally stole that thing right under my nose…and I let it happen. I felt stupid.

A few days later I got a call. It was Comcast. They told me that the Installation guy had a GPS system. It was the same brand as mine, he had just bought it from someone, had paid cash for it and didn’t have a receipt (go figure).

“Do you have the serial number?” I asked and I was holding my breath, because it would prove that he had stolen mine.

“No Ma’am, he didn’t give us the serial number”

“Really? And that doesn’t strike you as odd?”

“Sorry, but there is nothing I can do” you need to go to the police.

What a marvelous idea. I go to the police, report a GPS system stolen from a nameless guy, because nobody can read this signature. Who do I accuse? Comcast?

“Can you give me the name and phone number of the contractor?”

She couldn’t do that either. Privacy rules or similar nonsense.

Have you seen the commercial with the little kid, throwing the cellphone on the ground, jumping on it. That’s how I felt.

This happened a year ago. I wrote a long letter to Comcast…never heard back. It didn’t concern them at all.

I bought me a new GPS system and still offer people, who work for me, or visit me something to drink. One black sheep will not change my outlook on life.

I broke up with Comcast, figured they didn’t deserve my business.

That was the last time I was so angry.

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Mad as a Hatter

13 thoughts on “Where is it?

  1. Dealing with any company or organization nowadays is an exercise in patience and deep breathing techniques, ESPECIALLY via the phone. I tend to be calm but get the heebie-jeebies thinking about making a call; its never less than a 30-min marathon (on a good day). And that’s just to get to a live “hooman bean”, as my younger son used to say. I don’t get why Comcast wouldn’t give you the name of the contractor.

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  2. I identify. After my last visit to Verizon, my husband highly suggested that I not return. I think he’s less concerned about me and more concerned about what wrath I might lay out there again 😉

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    • I just read an article about drones and the role they could play in our every day lives soon. Yes, the world has gone mad, that or we are in an age were we just don’t want to understand everything anymore.


  3. I just went through an insane “thing” first with AT&T, then with Amazon AND UPS. Garry thought I was going to have a stroke and die. I didn’t die, but that stuff has the power to make me crazier than anything else. I don’t know why, but it does.

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    • I remember, you called it disservice and it made me smile, because I can feel your pain, even without knowing the details. It makes me so mad, because it makes me feel helpless. I feel like fighting windmills. There is nobody you can look in the eye or slap (not that I would). It’s just the damn phone and a voice…drives me insane as well. No worries, you are normal and in good company :-).


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