Sistine Chapel and so much more…


We all have seen pictures of famous ceiling paintings and can name a few. On top of the list is of course the “Sistine Chapel” in the Vatican and even I, who is not a fan of this little tax free State in the middle of Italy, yes, even I took my time and was laying on the floor for an hour -like so many tourists from all over the world; I wanted to take it all in, wanted to admire Michelangelo’s masterpiece, wanted to look at his famous colorful fresco.


Ceilings, have always fascinated me, what a great space to display art and color. There are so many more famous ceiling paintings, and I have been fortunate, saw a few of them. The Sistine chapel has never been my favorite, there were other’s, that I found more interesting. One of my all time favorites is the ceiling in the Grand Foyer in der Opéra Garnier in Paris. Even if you don’t like classical music or opera, it is worth a visit. If you ever go to Paris, take a look at it. It’s stunning!


Opera Granier

Then there are all the beautiful churches and castles in Austria where I am from. The famous Castle Belvedere in Vienna,  a beautiful building, full of great architecture and art, there is so much to see…still my eyes went up to the ceiling.

schloss belvedere

I decided early on that I would have a ceiling painting in my home later on. Of course, I was a child then and didn’t really get the whole picture. It became quickly apparent that a masterpiece on our ceiling would be out of the question without hitting a jackpot…any jackpot.

We rented our first apartment aka “the shoebox” when we were still in college. There was not a lot of money for furniture or other accessories left. We needed a living space, bed, table, and chairs and a working refrigerator, all other things besides that, were considered luxury articles and were not in our budget…like a mural on the ceiling.

I still remember looking at the white walls in our small apartment and tried to figure out what I could do, to make space a little bit more cozy and comfortable. My husband went to help his Mom and was gone for the day, and I decided to bring some color into our lives. The carpet was dark blue, the walls and ceilings were white, it didn’t look very inviting. I went out and got some blue paint, that matched our carpet and started painting. I painted our living room ceiling royal blue.

My husband came home, he looked and didn’t say anything. He is more on the quiet side and doesn’t just say something without thinking about it. He looked at the ceiling from every angle he possibly could find and then there was the verdict. He liked it…so did all our friends.

That all happened over 30 years ago. Wherever we moved to from there, at least one room always had a painted ceiling.

Ceiling paintings today can be different, of course, there are the ones that require hiring an art student, but there are other ideas anybody can do, even with a small budget.

I found some colorful pictures that I would like to share, just to give you an idea about a unique space The Ceiling.



Doesn’t it look elegant, a classy look with a painted ceiling?


 What a genius idea, I can see it in a boys room!



Too cute, isn’t it? I bet any kid would like that.


Ceilings and walls colored in a matching color scheme. Good idea.


What a clever idea for a small space like this guest bathroom.


OK, this pool is stunning, to begin with, but it wouldn’t look that great with a white ceiling would it?


Great projects for any art student or hobby painter. Not as expensive as one might think if you shop around.


Someone had a great idea for a ceiling painting in a smoking room. I believe every smoker will quit smoking when they decide to do so and no advertisement or warning print in the world will change that. However, I do have to admit that this ceiling painting in a smoking room would have made me uncomfortable…then, way back then when I still smoked.

Daily Prompt Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.

20 thoughts on “Sistine Chapel and so much more…

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  2. The Sistine Chapel is still nowadays a model somehow… even if ceilings look completely different, the main idea is hanging on there…
    Greta post Lady!!!. Have a wonderful May ahead! Aquileana ⭐

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    • It is spring now here in Ohio and I am excited to work in the yard. Can’t wait for the sunshine and the warm days ahead. I hope we both will have a great May. Great that you liked my post Aquileana. Sending you hugs, Bridget

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  3. I had to once decorate a ceiling in a night club called Checkers in Sydney.Underneath this ceiling was a stage that would rise up with a dancer or pole stripper or whatever jigging about. I Painted it a bright pink and further impoved on it with a coat of sticky slow drying clear paint/varnish onto which was thrown buckets of multi coloured glitter. The effect was amazing and at the same time did not detract from the show. I was paid hansomely but also managed to pinch a couple of bottles of very fine wine wrapped up in the drop-sheets.
    It was a long time ago.

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    • Oh Gerard, thank you so much for sharing your little anecdotes. You made me laugh. I did some restaurations in a so called Gentlemen’s club and wish you would have been there with your idea of the pink, glitter ceiling. You and your wife and my husband and me, Gosh we would have had a ball. People ask me often for a quick fix on top of what I quoted, I never charge them for it, but always joke that it might cost them a good bottle of Merlot. Some get the hint 🙂


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    • The most paint companies have no visual painting available on their website. What a helpful tool. Take a picture, load it up and paint a ceiling in your house on the computer (works for wall too LOL). I like the idea that you might consider…

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  5. When I think of these masterpieces being painted on those massive ceilings I can hardly imagine the strain of it being done or how the artist could possibly keep perspective. Hearing your story of how you have created your own ceiling paintings made me smile. The images you shared for ideas are intriguing. That fan is brilliant!

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  6. I’ve never painted a mural ceiling. I did a wall of my son’s room when he was little. That was fun. But a ceiling? You need a scaffold for that. I think that’s beyond my limited skill set. Beautiful ceilings. I want one with twinkling stars like the old Loew’s Valencia in Jamaica, Queens.

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