Around the world in 80 days


Finally, I am famous…that was about time. A non-existing dream came true, thanks to the daily-rerun.

My life started between Austria and Italy in Europe, then I married young and moved to the US, started my career and traveled the world. I would write my own biography, with my own words, in my own distinctive style with lack of grammar and punctuation, sprinkled with humor, sarcasm and occasional wisdom. 

Writing my biography would take some time and my book would be all over the place. It would be interesting to read, but would miss any chronological order. Then, after a few tries to fix it, I would get smart and would chose an editor… there I would be picky. I would chose someone, who has time, because we would have to travel to the places that have been interesting in my life. We would fly to Africa, visit different locations in Europe, would be all over the map here in the US and would make short, but significant stops in Asia and South America.  Pictures, yes, we would have to take some pictures, they are always great in a biography and I don’t have too many left.

I wouldn’t want a stranger to edit my life, I would chose someone I like. I would try to find an editor with a great sense of humor -what is always helpful if you have to deal with me. Preferable a woman, because I would talk about my early childhood as well.

I really don’t know any writers or editors and doubt, that someone like Shakespeare would leave their grave and come back to life just to help me out. However I know a few bloggers and love their work. My editor would be Marilyn Armstrong from Serendipity and I hope she would take the job and the challenge…and a challenge it would be. 🙂


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Life, the Book.”

Your Life, the Book

From a famous writer or celebrity, to a blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

11 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 days

  1. Strange, I too have been urged to write my biography and from several sources. I can’t imagine the work it would involve getting it in a book. I thought that was what WP was about.
    You write well and gave up ciggies. That is just amazing.

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