Named a top smoking cessation Blog 2015


I declared my self an award free zone a while back, mainly because I didn’t have the time to fulfill the requirements for nominations and awards here on WordPress.

Today I am going to make an exception from my own rule -what can I say, I am female after all. Earlier today I got an email, that I almost deleted. I opened it and to my surprise it was an award that I didn’t expect. My little blog The happy Quitter has been named “a top smoking cessation blog of 2015” by the medical team of Healthline, right along with the American Lung Association and other great smoking blogs and communities.

I really didn’t expect that at all and it made me smile. I put lots of time and research in my little blog and knowing, that somehow that was acknowledged, felt good. Gosh, that sounds vain doesn’t it?

I can’t help it…here is the >>>link<<<  I liked what they had to say about me:

The Happy Quitter

If you do anything for 35 years, it becomes part of your personality. After turning 50, the Non-Smoking Lady Bug finally had enough and called it quits. As anyone who has tried knows, there’s more than just lighting up. More than just a journal of a journey, this blog offers ex-smoker jokes, poetry, daily prompts, and other tools for people looking to move beyond their smoking years.

The Happy Quitter is a fun blog and a useful resource for people looking for an Internet friend to help guide them through making lasting changes.

Of course, that had to happen when I just decided not to talk about smoking all the time – go figure. I will keep going on with daily prompts, mixed posts and smoking hot stories as I planed.

So I say:


Healthline for the award.

I gladly accept and feel honored and humbled. Although a little bit speechless, what doesn’t happen very often -according to my husband.

22 thoughts on “Named a top smoking cessation Blog 2015

    • Well, you forgot to write about it didn’t you? Oooops they didn’t have blogs then. Goodness not even computers. Well you are out of luck I fear :-). Thank you for stopping by Gerard.


  1. That’s not just any old award. That’s a real honor and kind of a big deal, considering it comes to you for doing what you want to do. It’s an affirmation that you got it right. Congratulations. You’ve earned it. I’m impressed and very glad for you.

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