Mingle, tingle and toenail fungus…


I hesitated, didn’t want to go further toward our house. I was afraid it would be the same as every day. I walked slowly on the driveway, looked around the corner and then I saw the mess. Letters and cards where splattered all over our front yard. I couldn’t believe it; we just put new signs up “no trespassing” and “private property” it didn’t help. Again they have stepped all over our lawn and stuffed letters and flyers into our mailbox, hundreds of them. Our mailbox was overflowing, couldn’t hold anymore and the mail had fallen to the ground. There was still a small pile underneath, the wind had scattered the rest.

Unwanted invitations, letters and coupons. I had to go through all of them, just so we wouldn’t miss an important letter or a bill. The rest would be sitting pile-high beside our trashcan.

I could see someone tiptoeing toward our mailbox, like a shadow in the dark. “Hey, this is private property” I yelled, but he didn’t pay any attention to me, just dropped another piece of unwanted mail and he was gone.

I had enough. We tried to be nice and understanding, but now we have to talk with our mailman and the postal service…what are they thinking? The next day I waited patiently and spend a lot of time on the window. I didn’t want to miss him. I didn’t see our mailman, but a bunch of strangers came toward the house all day long, dropped mail and left. It started first thing in the morning and didn’t stop.

Finally the mailman arrived, he parked the car, got out and handed me two letters. I complained about the unwanted mail delivery, he just shrugged his shoulders .

“You are not the only one complaining…the whole street, as a matter of fact the whole city is complaining”

“So, I am not the only one who is bothered by this?” I felt relieved.

“No, everybody is complaining, there is nothing I can do, it’s not us” he waved goodbye and left.

“Great”, I picked up some of the letters. More coupons and flyers. I grabbed them all and walked angry toward the house. I was upset. I would buy another sign saying “no solicitation” something needed to be done. Maybe a restraining order…but against who?

Well, by now you probable figured it out, I am not talking about our real mailbox. Laws protect us from strangers, who would bother us in our home. “Invasion of privacy”, “harassment” and other goodies come to mind. Nobody has a right to pester us like this.  There would be serious consequences and the law would be on our side.

No, I am talking about my internet mailbox, my email address. An overload of unwanted “stuff” gets dropped every day, things I never asked for. Some of it falls automatically in my spam box, but that doesn’t help me much. You see, I have a tiny, little business and emails of my customers fall in there once in a while. The system isn’t perfect, so I am forced to look through my emails every day…all of them, spam or no spam..and I am getting so tired of it.

This is a list of today’s deliveries so far -and it’s not even noon yet:

Cigarette coupons and advertisement for NRT (Nicotine replacement therapies). 

What part of “I quit smoking” can’t they understand? And, why didn’t I get these when I still smoked? I wonder if liquor stores go to AA meetings and write down email addresses, so that they can send beer coupons and other goodies later on. Give up guys…it’s not going to happen!

Ahhhh, there she is, Mrs. Gaddafi, she is a persistent little thing.

She writes to me on a daily base, she and some of her friends. They are trying so hard to give me millions of their money and just don’t’ understand why I don’t want it. Poor little thing…this week doesn’t look good for her either.

Yep, there is is my all-time favorite. They want me to “mingle” with Christians. 

Not sure if its a church meeting or not, but I am not interested. Other’s promise me “Harmony” and try to send me pictures of singles in my area. For Heaven’s sake I am married since over 30 years, I don’t mingle…we have BBQ’s and cookouts.

I can have tax forgiveness and just in case that doesn’t work others offer a lawyer right away. 

Didn’t know I might be in need of forgiveness…thought the church promises that?

Others are concerned about the size of my non-existing male parts.

They don’t give up either and offer me promising enlargement on a daily base. I do wonder how it works, is it like a prosthesis?

Someone seems to be really concerned about my toes, toenail fungus to be exact.

They had me all worried. I mean seriously, if you read it every day, you get worried something could be wrong? I stripped my socks off right on my desk and starred at my toes for a few minutes. Nope, everything is in order…pffffff.

I made it sound funny and some of it really is. But back to my main question. Isn’t it an invasion of my privacy, especially if I tell you over and over that I am not interested and they continue to send it anyway? Lots of it is not mentioned in this post. Kids and teenagers have an email address today as well, are they all getting the same spam and porn delivered on a daily base?

So if I am going to be Prime Minister of the internet, there will be some changes. The laws and regulation have to be adjusted, the internet is a part of our daily life. We need to change laws and we need to realize that we might have a problem? Hiding behind a screen, an email address or an avatar doesn’t give people the right to offend, molest or bully. Scammers should not get away. At least that’s what I wish for.

New Internet Order

All the world’s countries have decided that the Internet itself needs a government. Your country asks you to run for Prime Minister of the ‘Net — do you accept? If so, what will your platform be?

14 thoughts on “Mingle, tingle and toenail fungus…

  1. If I were in charge, I would have someone figure out a way to send the spammer hundreds of emails for each address they send their junk to. It should overload their server in no time and end the problem. 🙂

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  2. The only ones I get is for male enlargement pills. Each morning I check and sure enough,” take this pill and she will scream for more of you” or, ” You will be rock hard for hours”.
    ” add on inches within two weeks”. They are there no matter how high I put my security spam level. It becomes a chore to delete them. Never a spam on ‘ take this pill and reduce in size”, or “this will make you soft and small again for her to enjoy”.

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  3. Since son No. 2 persuaded me to join WhatsApp I get reports of two unanswered voice mails daily, but they can remain unanswered as far as I am concerned. Oh and weekly I am told I have a tax rebate from the British Goverment. I should really pick that up one day.

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    • I watched a movie called “Nebraska”a while ago. Very interestingly made. An older guy gets a notice in the mail that he won a price and goes on the road traveling, to pick up his price. His family tries to stop him, tries to tell him that it’s just a scam…he goes anyway. If you ever get the chance watch it. Yep, you should really pick up that refund LOL. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Wuensche Dir/Euch einen schoenen Abend.


  4. It’s not a small problem, I see , particularly if you have a business and use Internet for your work mails….
    (Must say that I enjoyed your post for presenting the situation as very hilarious , …..)
    What you say ,about instituting a web Police against this kind of stalking , is correct and I think that a lot of people would agree with you…..
    C’mon ,what are we waiting for?

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    • Glad you enjoyed the post, wasn’t sure if you did :-). Its time consuming to go through unwanted stuff every day. I do wonder if kids and teenagers get the same stuff, that would be scary. A lot of the “tough” stuff I didn’t touch in my post.


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