Meeting Baby Bird


I love painted gourds, they are not just pretty, they make the best birdhouses and nesting places one can offer in a yard. We have them since years and they never stay empty. 

We try not to disturb the nest, try not to interfere with the feeding routine and hang them on trees away from our daily living. A gourd was still hanging on our porch -we were undecided where we wanted it- when a bird started to build a nest right away.

72-Feeding 03-300-Signed

We left it there, she wasn’t bothered by us sitting there. She built her nest right above my smoking station and I could watch her do so. She looked at us and declared us harmless.

The babies were born, we could hear them, they were loud and always hungry. The mother flew back and forth for hours.

72-Feeding 021-300-Signed

We were often outside that spring, always had to check on “our babies”.

One day I took the camera with me. Maybe she would let me take a few pictures and she did.

72-Feeding 022-300-Signed

We knew they would fly off soon, that’s what birds have to do. “You are an adult, now spread your wings and fly” and one day they did.

I was there when they were ready…smoked a lot that day. It took only a couple of hours. The bravest one flew first, then another, until they were all gone.

Well, I was wrong, one stayed a while longer. Couldn’t make up it’s mind if it really wanted to give it a try. Then it did and landed right on the the edge of the chair beside me. That little one liked our yard and it’s home. The Baby bird looked at me and I could take this marvelous picture of it’s first day outside the nest. I wasn’t the only one with a bad hair day.

72-Feeding 023-300-Signed

The bird came back for weeks, decided that the nest was perfect…didn’t want to leave. Mom came always by, but stopped feeding him. One day the nest was empty.

What a blessing it was to witness this so close.


Marilyn, the author of Serendipity had a marvelous idea when she started the Serendipitous photo prompt story.

Please check it out and join us, it is so much fun.


11 thoughts on “Meeting Baby Bird

  1. What a gorgeous experience! I love wild birds, but here there is a problem with rats, so putting out a feeder (or two) is an iffy experience. Huny would probably chase any rodent away, but I don’t want her getting bit or a disease because she took on a rat that decided to stand its ground. That baby bird and the story connected with it were so heart warming. I’m glad you didn’t ‘tweak’ the photo … it IS more ‘warm’ in the original.

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  2. Oh this is so wonderful!! The gourd is beautiful- you are so talented. How amazing to watch them and then have that baby come sit right there. I just love this. Maybe this summer I will add gourd painting to my list of projects- thank you!

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  3. I love gourds too. I was going to grow my own this year but in really checking into it, I would need a good sturdy something for them to grow on and we are just not up to another project this spring. I had to stop paying attention to the nesting birds around me. Just too much heartbreak when I would fine the prematurely empty nest courtesy of the snakes or other perpetrators. So glad your story had a happy ending.

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  4. Perfect story pictures! You painted those yourself? What a talented lady you are. Not only photographs, but painting, too! I would have never thought of gourds as bird houses, but it’s a great idea. You much have to dry the gourds first, right? Then paint them?

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    • It’s a fun thing to do and not as complicated as it seems. ttps://
      You can even I buy dried and cleaned gourds at ebay 5 for $10, with a hole and attached metal or string. You don’t have to paint them


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