Pick me!

Adopt a shelter pet pick me

The most of us have a full schedule, regardless of what we do. So, there is no if. We all will find time when something is really important to us.

I do have a cause and will always find and make time for it.

Pictures speak louder than words sometimes, so there you go:

Blogger With a Cause

If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?


8 thoughts on “Pick me!

  1. For us, that’s cruel and unusual punishment. We want them all, but we have a full boat here, I know it will come around again, the day when we need to find a canine companion and I’m quite sure the next “kid” will be a rescue. Actually, even though our dogs are purebred, three out of four were also rescues. Pure bred dogs also need caring homes and a pedigree doesn’t guarantee it. People buy dogs without any understanding of what they are getting, other than a “cute puppy.”

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    • There are lots of pure breeds in the shelters as well. Actually all kind of dogs. People buy them without thinking, or give puppies and kitten as a present for Christmas, Birthdays. Then, when they grow up they get thrown out. It’s terrible and we hate it. A dog or a cat is a commitment for 10+ years. You are right, a lot of people don’t get this. It’s sad and it angers me.


  2. If I adopted all the animals I see on facebook and other sites, I would have to build a new home. I would love to take in every one of them. I was just glad when I saw a friend of mine whose husband died a couple of months ago and she now has a lovely dog. When I asked where it came from, she said it was a street dog in Bosnia and she adopted it.

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    • I had allergies ones to. It was bad, couldn’t pet a dog or cat, could’t eat some foods and grass and weeds made me eyes puffy and swollen for days. I got cured, but that was years ago and it’s not FDA approved, since the pharmaceutical industry controls us.

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