Things I love, things I hate

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Joanne at My life lived full, had a beautiful post yesterday. I started thinking about it and thought about the other friends I have made here in the blogging world. Wouldn’t it be great to get to know each other better. Maybe it’s just me and I am the only “nosy Rosy”.

So, I follow Joanne’s post with 10 things I love and 10 things I hate.

10 Things I Hate … lets ignore the world’s problem for a while, since I assume we all hate the same. Here it’s about us as a person, not about politics or the news.Lets ignore all the bullies, liars, and cheaters that seem to fill the ranks of our various power brokers – and all the negative things happening in the world on a regular basis –this is a list of some of my everyday annoyances.

1. I hate standing in line. I am not a very patient person and it seems to get worse with age. A slow cashier on a check-out lane makes we wince inside. The poor people behind and in front of me can hear me mumble and I have a hard time holding back. “Open another register for Heaven’s sake, I am getting older..I have no time to waste”. 

2. I hate reality TV. For the longest time I didn’t even know what a Kardashian was, seriously I had to look it up. Shows like this and others, paint a picture of our society that I don’t like.

3. I hate my alarm clock. Because it means I overslept. It’s so much nicer to wake up on my own without a loud buzzing noise that let’s me not finish my dream.

4. I hate stupidity. I just don’t do stupid very well, not anymore. Ignorant people drive me crazy and my tolerance gets smaller with every passing year. I can roll my eyes for hours if I have every direction. 🙂

5. I hate quit smoking blogs and forums. That’s funny I suppose, considering I have a quit-smoking blog as well. Most of the ex-smokers I got to know turn into fanatics and are on a crusade. What’s worse, they preach without research. Like there is only black and white and no gray area.

6. I hate daylight savings time. I find it unnecessary and it doesn’t make any sense to me. Who is saving? What’s the gain? It drives me crazy and I have a hard time to adjust.

7. I hate texting. I have a smartphone and I text, but only in emergencies or I send quick notes like “Will be 10minutes late -stuck in traffic”. Texting as a replacement for conversations, that’s what I don’t like. The buttons are too small, my reading glasses are always somewhere else and I don’t want to stare at a screen, if I want to communicate with a friend.

8. I hate selfies and have never taken one. Won’t do it…not for the life of me. I find it total nonsense. Take a picture of whatever but don’t put yourself in the front, because then I can’t see what’s in the back. 🙂

9. I hate that I don’t get Christmas cards anymore. I miss the times when people wrote real Christmas cards and they were put on a shelve for everybody to see. I wish this habit of writing cards instead of emails would come back.

10. I hate our laundry basket. This thing is never empty for long. Who does that? Who comes by and fills that damn thing up every  night. There is no way two people can have that much laundry.

10 Things I love…  I love my husband, my friends, our 4-legged family members, but there are more things I love.

1. I love playing games. Board games or card games with friends, it’s so much fun and game nights are always very special to me.

2. I love a good glass red wine in the evening. It’s the Italian in me I suppose. Red wine isn’t alcohol, it’s a way of life (in moderation).

3. I love a good piece of chocolate. My homemade truffles or an exquisite praline. I can’t eat chocolate anymore, so I do it very seldom. That’s why it’s a special treat and I don’t care how much work it is, or how much it might cost.

4. I love scented candles and good smells. That I developed after I gave up smoking. All of a sudden I could smell things so much better. Threw my detergent out…went shopping and sniffed on a lot of bottles. I love smells.

5. I love good jokes. I like to laugh and good stories or good jokes bring joy in my everyday life. Nothing is better than to laugh with the ones you love.

6. I love flowers and plants. They are important to me. I have plants everywhere, even some rescued ones. I think they bring peace to my soul.

7. I love sleeping with an open window. I like to feel the fresh cold air, like to cuddle up under my blanket with just my nose sticking out. I have the windows open even in the wintertime.

8. I love eyeglasses. I have eyeglasses everywhere and in almost every color and style. I consider them an accessory and love to try different ones. I have prescription glasses for reading and for distance. Don’t ask how much this website with $10 eyeglasses brought me in trouble.

9. I love books. I have books everywhere. Actually I have 3 piles of books. One on my desk, the other beside my favorite chair and the best books make it to my nightstand (lets not mention the fact that some books make into my bathroom as well). Every book gets a chance up to page 50. If it hasn’t gotten my full attention by then, then it goes in the donation box.

10. I love Sushi. Going to a good Sushi bar is always a special treat. I don’t do it to often, my husband hates it, so it stays a special treat. I love everything about it. How it’s made, how beautiful it looks and of course the taste. I would be a Sushi addict, if a good restaurant would be close by.

I didn’t think I would come up with 10 things each, until I started writing. So, know you know a little bit more about me.

Like Joanne before me, I’m going to break the rules of this challenge.  Rather than challenging 10 other people to respond with their Love-Hate list, I’m inviting ALL OF YOU to put together your list and post it.  I would love to read it as well.



19 thoughts on “Things I love, things I hate

  1. Fun post, Ladybug! I hate that I’ll never be able to keep up with the wealth of awesome content available on blogs alone. I love how easy it is to access info on the Internet, and the possibilities it creates for those creative and diligent enough to figure something out. As per dumbing down: yes, but I can choose to move beyond that. Thanx!

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  2. Great lists. I’m nodding my head as I read along … 1 – yes, 2 – yes, … 4 – HELL, YES!! When did stupid become the new norm?!! … nodding, nodding, nodding … 9 – yes *sigh*. I still send out cards and get very few in return. That’s a tradition I miss.

    On the *love* list – sorry but #2 and #3 fall in the category of “oxygen” … as in, life without it would cease to exist as we currently know it.
    … and #10 – Sushi is a big favourite in this household and living in a predominantly Asian district, it’s not hard to find. We often order big take-out platters … we have to order extra because of Theo – the cat – who goes squirrelly when we bring sushi home.
    Yes – he is spoiled. No – I don’t know how that happened.

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  3. I was nodding in agreement with so much of what you shared! Especially, chocolate 😀

    I really appreciate this -> “5. I hate quit smoking blogs and forums. That’s funny I suppose, considering I have a quit-smoking blog as well. Most of the ex-smokers I got to know turn into fanatics and are on a crusade. What’s worse, they preach without research. Like there is only black and white and no gray area.” This can be said about so many subjects that start off with great intentions and then veer. I appreciate being passionate about a subject, but not at the cost of burdening another human being.

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  4. You guys look GREAT 🙂 We love sushi too … and as it happens, our local Japanese eatery is the only good restaurant in the entire area, so if you happen to drop by, now I know where we are going to dinner!!

    The whole lack of patience of with stupidity and ignorance gets worse every year … and although I hate slow checkout lines, slow drivers drive me totally bats!

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    • My husband hates Sushi, what probably keeps me in line. Good to know you like it too. We will have fun when we meet :-).

      Patience is not my strong suite I am afraid and you are right, it gets worse. I can be on my worst behavior lol. Thank you for the nice compliment.


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