“Keeping up with the Republicans”

The new entertainment show is called “Keeping up with the Republicans” so it seems. Did I miss a memo? Did they take the Kardashian’s off the air and the new replacement are the Republicans? 

I just read my online newspaper and there is was, the headline that Donald Trump will run for President and this time it’s for real I am afraid. This Presidential race for the election in 2016 will be the most expensive one in the US history. Millions after millions will be spend on advertisement, billboards, TV commercials and other media to insure, that we all will be tired out come November 2016.

I wonder what the world will think about us, wasting Billions on an election, just so we might end up with another family name we thought we might never see in the oval office again (take your pick). How do we explain that to children that go to bed hungry at night? How do we explain that to the homeless Veterans that cover themselves up with a piece of cardboard in the night?

Always when i think I saw it all they proof me wrong. The clown-bus just got fuller~!


6 thoughts on ““Keeping up with the Republicans”

    • I (we) don’t like it either. It’s more and more just a facet of what it should be. A boring two-step between two parties, back and forth…same old over and over. Money rules! Tiring and not even slightly entertaining anymore. Thank you for your comment, that was a first 🙂


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