Save your money honey!


Nicotine addicts aka smokers can get a lot of help these days. There are numerous free webpages available with lots of information, tips and tricks on how to quit smoking. Books, videos and pamphlets are available for free, to everybody who is serious about quitting. Almost every country offers free government pages and help as well, you would think we covered all the bases.

Addiction is a good money maker and lots of ex-smokers try to jump on the bandwagon, trying to earn a few bucks with their new found wisdom on “how to”. I just watched a TV commercial the other day, were a guy looks the viewer in the eye and says “I have been an addict myself…yada yada yada call our addiction center” and I had to shake my head.

“Have been” is past tense if I am not mistaken. There is his first lie, right there in the commercial. Addicts are addicts, regardless of how long they haven’t used the addictive substance. Everybody who is honest about it knows, that only one drink, one cigarette or one pill can throw you right back into the addiction, even after years and years. There is no cure, no magic wand that makes it all just go away. And their is absolutely no shame in it.

Business is good when dealing with addicts these days, so I wasn’t really surprised to read that there were nicotine rehab centers. I got curious and had to look into it further.

The success rates are high, so they say. Some claim they have an unprecedented success rate of 60 % after one year. That is really high! 60 % of smokers stayed smoke free for at least one year after they visited the Rehab center? What’s their secret? Do they sew their mouth shut?

I looked up the prices and almost fainted:

So here is the list to all the smokers with too much money to spend:


Location:  200 First St. S.W. Rochester, MN
Phone:  507-284-2511
Summary:  8-day stop smoking program
Cost: $5,500 for 8 day residential retreat, self-pay (in advance) or private insurance


Location:  Boquete, Panama
Phone:  786-245-4067
Summary:  Small retreat center, 6 week minimum stay nicotine cessation program incorporating the 12-steps and holistic therapies
Cost: Standard all inclusive rates for private accommodations with a 6 week minimum stay for $12,600


Location:  Scheduled Monthly
Phone:  877-211-9366 or 541-330-9695
Summary:  7 days/6 nights, for men and women, with preparation to quit on the 3rd day
Cost: $1,250 for 7 day / 6 night retreat, reduced companion rates available


Location:  10 Woodland Road, St. Helena, CA 94574
Phone:  800-358-9195 or 707-963-6475
Summary:  10 day smoke-free life program using nutrition, exercise and stress management
Cost: $4,135 for 7 day residential retreat, self-pay or private insurance

I read the list in disbelieve, but we are not rich, so maybe I don’t have the right perception on things like that. I thought about our empty guestroom upstairs for a split second “maybe I should…?” 🙂

As always, I am either spot-on or way off with my opinion. But I think everybody, who is willing to spend that amount of money, is determined and would have succeeded quitting alone at home as well.

But what do I know~!


15 thoughts on “Save your money honey!

  1. A lot of people have more money than brains … or, obviously, will-power. I don’t care how much you spend. You are only going to stay quit if you really want to stay quit. You are absolutely right. There’s no shortcut, no drug, no program that is going to magically make is all better. But we live in a world of magical thinking and instant results. The hard way is never anyone’s first choice. Except for addiction, there really isn’t any other way to go.

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  2. Yeah, I gotta talk to them a about a couple problems with my site. I checked the box this time and got a notification that you’d commented. I just have to remember to do that with the ones I know I’m having issues with.


    • There is a big difference between bad habit and addiction. The most soda drinkers crave sugar. Drinking sodas is a reward, that’s how your brain signals it. Replace it with something else sugary, like sweetened icetea and you won’t grave soda’s anymore. Then slowly use less and less sugar and voila…cured 🙂 (Been there, done that)


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