They do exist!

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After such a long time, there it was…a positive daily prompt. I couldn’t believe my eyes this touched my heart. I had given up hope. I was certain there wouldn’t be another one in my lifetime and they had just proven me wrong. A positive prompt…what a beautiful sight it was, it had me all choked up and tears were running down my face. This calls for a special celebration, I should go and get me some chocolate ice cream.

A much better answer than the truth, admitting that I am a major weeper. So many things are extraordinary beautiful since I hit menopause, it’s not funny anymore. 🙂


Moved to Tears

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

7 thoughts on “They do exist!

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  2. Hormones will do that to ya. I was a crybaby before I hit menopause, now…


    I don’t wanna talk about it. Ha!


    • I started doing the same a few years back. Everything has me in tears lately. We watched a movie last night and I was sitting there all teary eyes. We have a Kleenex box on a side table and I call it “the cry box” because I need it all the time. I am pathetic 🙂


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