Chipper by nature


I chose the name “The Happy Quitter” because it was totally against my nature. I was brought up to never quit anything. “You start it, you finish it” that’s what I heard when I was a child and I lived by it. I started numerous projects in my life with the lack of any talent for it. Painting would be an example of total failure…at least to my standards.

I admire art and famous painters, but when I decided to become the next Michelangelo I had to find out, that I was blessed with lots of talent, but painting was not one of them. I still draw and paint occasionally, but I do know that fame will never come. I didn’t quit any of the projects I started, finished them all, some with very questionable results I have to add.

I quit smoking after 35 years, without any previous attempts and I felt happy about it right from the start. The mood swings I expected, didn’t happen. The misery, some of the ex-smokers described, never came to visit me. I was happy as a smoker and happy as a nonsmoker.

I am a happy camper by birth, “a chipper”. I will find the positive in everything, even though it might be hard to see for others. My best friend always joked, one day there will be an earthquake and you will step out of the rubble and will cheerfully say “at least I don’t have to dust the house today”. She knew me well. There were lots of tears in my lifetime, serious health issues, loss and grief, but regardless of what had happened, I never lost my positive and happy outlook on life.

One day I was sitting in front of my computer, ready to start a new adventure called blogging. I signed up here and and it took me only 2 minutes to come up with both names. “The Happy Quitter” and “Nonsmokingladybug” was born right then and there.

For the first time in my life I quit something and felt good about it. I didn’t share the hype over quitting with some of the ex-smokers, didn’t share a lot of the drama that is spread by many. The name “The Happy Quitter” was a no-brainer.

Ladybug is my nickname since many years, ever since someone murdered a ladybug at a BBQ. I might have had a glass too much to drink that night -that, or the sun didn’t do me good that day- either way, someone stepped on a ladybug and I cried over it, felt really upset.

They called me ladybug that night and the name stuck with me ever since and I like it. I am a very private person, can’t wrap my old head around the new everybody-knows-and-shares-everything internet policy, so I decided to have a blog my way. Kind of anonymous, but I am warming up to the idea to share some things about me, with whoever might be willing to listen -without giving up all my privacy.


All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

27 thoughts on “Chipper by nature

  1. I think I would cry over the violent death of a lady bug too. They are said to be good luck charms and that is a bad luck to kill one. Thank you for following me, Ladybug. May I ask what made you click the follow button? 🙂

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    • I followed you before, met you through M-R when she was still active. I just noticed that I didn’t see any of your posts when I read Marilyn’s reply to your challenge. It seems wordpress has a mind of it’s own sometimes. That…or I am technical challenged 🙂


        • I am sure she is well, I guess she just lost interest in blogging or was worn out…like so many. Oh my Gosh…that’s great. WOOT, WOOT, WOOT…congratulations. Almost one year smokefree, that’s fabulous. You know I am going to “bug” you for a guestpost for my smoking section. (How long you smoked, when and how you started…why and how you quit. I have a few followers you just quit and they told me the different guest posts helped them to stay motivated.


          • I would be honoured to be a guest, but I can’t write. I suck at it. But I know what you mean. I should see the testimonials you post. Where do I find them? How about instead of writing, I post a photo with a lit cigarette that I posted before? It looks so unattractive 😀

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          • You can find “guestposts” as an own categorie under “quit smoking”. It’s not about the writing -hardly is- it’s about the message. The most smokers are scared of quitting. Something the tobacco industry has implanted in our brains. People run around trying to find a “solution” how to quit easily and I think it’s about time to shake that image. Many of us just quit and walked away. The scare tactic makes people fail and overthink the whole process of quitting. Does that makes sense?


          • I think it is like with any dependence. I quit smoking twice in my life – once when I was 27, and last September. Both times, I just got sick of ciggies, and it made me feel stupid to pay good money for them. I told myself you just burn your money away, and I started calculating how much I was spending per year. My second round of smoking was 3.5 years. I had an upsetting situation in the family 4 years ago and I undertook smoking after decades of being a non-smoker. This time hubby decided to quit cigarettes too, but he started smoking electric ones – they are cheap and much less harmful. He got me one too, and I tried to make a transition with electric cigarette, but I did not need it after a few days. I don’t know if you can use this answer as a quitter’s testimonial.

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  2. I like the lack of drama. It’s a relief, actually. It’s not that we don’t go through perilous times. We do. But it doesn’t have to be all OH MY GOD all the time. At least this way, I can actually tell if you ARE having a crisis because you are not always having one 😀

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